It all starts with a high torque 1.4 Boosterjet turbocharged engine, a lightweight chassis & advanced suspension and results in an impressive performance every single time.

Fun to drive, designed with performance in mind and styled to stand out from the crowd, the Swift Sport really is the epitome of a modern day 'hot hatch'. Suzuki may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of a sporty hatchback but let us invite you to take a few minutes to change that view whilst you get to know one of the best cars in it's class - the Suzuki Swift Sport.


If you're not familar with the Suzuki brand then we'll forgive you but you really don't know what you've been missing. Suzuki cars provide the very best when it comes to reliability and value for money but not everyone is familiar with the brand. 

Put simply, you get everything you need - great tech, amazing spec & superb value and all of this as standard. Every car in the Suzuki range includes hybrid as standard & is jam-packed with clever features. From small, fun mild hybrids all the way up to plug-in hybrid, head-turning SUVs with ALLGRIP 4-wheel drive, there’s no hidden add-ons & no surprises. What you see is what you get and the price we advertise is the price you pay.


The turbocharged high torque engine makes the Swift Sport a car you’ll always look forward to driving. The addition of Mild Hybrid technology helps reduce CO2 emissions and improves fuel efficiency resulting in the Swift Sport delivering an impressive 50.1 miles per gallon (WLTP combined) without sacrificing on performance with 127bhp.

The 1.4 Boosterjet turbocharged engine, coupled with a high torque output, ensures a beautifully responsive drive, delivering performance that makes your heart beat just that little bit faster! 

Put it all together and it makes for an incredible driving experience!


There's no need to worry about the cost of added extras as the Swift Sport is packed with all the tech you'll need and it all comes as part of the price....

  • Rear Parking Camera
  • Rear Parking Sensors
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Engine Auto Stop start System
  • Smartphone Connectivity with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto
  • 4.2-inch Colour LCD Display
  • Navigation System
  • Keyless Entry / Start
  • Bluetooth Integrated Audio Unit


The Swift Sport is not only designed to be fun to drive but to keep you and your passengers safe with exceptional safety features included as standard.

  • Lane Departure Warning - the lane departure warning function is designed to predict the path of the vehicle and issue visual (display and indicator) and tactile (vibrating steering wheel) warnings to the drive
  • Lane Departure Prevention - when interpreting that lane departure is likely to occur, without the driver using a turn signal, the car automatically assists the driver in returning the vehicle back into the lane by controlling the steering via the electric power steering system.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition - This system uses the monocular camera to monitor the road for traffic signs. When it detects road signs such as speed limits or no passing zones, it displays the sign on the centre display to help remind the driver which road signs the car has passed. When multiple signs are detected, a maximum of three signs can be displayed at once.
  • Dual Sensor Brake Support - When moving, the Swift Sport uses two sensors – a monocular camera and a laser sensor – to determine if there’s a risk of collision with a forward vehicle or pedestrian. Upon detecting a potential collision, the car acts in any of the following three ways, depending on the situation.
  • High Beam Assist - Designed to automatically switch the headlights between ‘High’ and ‘Low’, depending on the presence of other vehicles and the lighting environment.
  • Weaving Alert - The weaving alert is designed to calculate the driving pattern and issue audio and visual warnings if the vehicle is ‘wandering’ due to driver drowsiness, etc.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control - When there’s a vehicle in front, the Adaptive Cruise Control system uses millimetre-wave radar designed to gauge the distance between the two vehicles and automatically maintains vehicle-to-vehicle distance in line with the setting selected out of three possible settings. When there is no vehicle in front, the system maintains the speed set by the driver.
  • Rear Parking Sensors - Ultrasonic sensors in the bumper detect obstacles while the driver is reversing the car and warning sounds inform the driver of the distance to the obstacles

NB certain safety features are only initiated at a minimum speed or in a set speed range.


Styled with power & performance in mind, yet versatile & comfortable to drive, the Swift Sport has a light and rigid body which ensures drivers can maintain precision steering control at any speed and during any manoeuvre. The advanced suspension system provides the driver with clear feedback about the road and traction conditions.

Design features include 

  • Mesh front grille
  • Dual exhaust pipes
  • Carbon effect front lower spoiler
  • Side skirts
  • Rear upper spoiler
  • 17" alloy wheels

The Swift Sport also offers a spacious and comfortable ride. Your passengers have tons of legroom, as well as access to handy storage touches, like side and front pockets, for an easy and manageable driving experience day in and day out.



What more can we say? The Swift Sport delivers in every aspect - it offers a complete package with everything you need from performance, build quality, safety, technology & value for money all as standard.


Experience the Swift Sport for yourself by booking a test drive at one of our 4 Suzuki dealerships in Keighley, Bradford, Huddersfield & Ashton Under Lyne. Our experienced sales team are on hand to answer any questions you may have & show you just how good the Swift Sport really is!

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At just £239 per month, how can you argue that this doesn't present outstanding value for money?


NB Prices & offers correct at time of publishing 1/8/22