New Hybrid Cars At Colin Appleyard

If you're looking to buy a new Hybrid car then Colin Appleyard have a fantastic selection for you to choose from.

Hybrid cars allow you the convenience of driving in exactly the same way as you would with a conventional petrol engine whilst helping to reduce the amount of emissions being produced and the amount of fuel needed to run them whilst. This results in improved MPG and reduced running costs for you. Although there are different types of Hybrid cars, they all work in a similar way by using a combination of a traditional petrol engine alongside a battery system.

Self-Charging Hybrids do not need to be plugged in and come in 2 different varieties; Mild Hybrids, which use the power saved during braking and convert this to electrical energy to re-charge the batteries and Full Hybrids which have larger battery systems and automatically switch to run on petrol or battery power as needed..

Plug-In Hybrids use a different kind battery system which allows them to run on pure electric for a longer period which results in even greater savings and miles per gallon. Although the batteries do need to be charged by plugging in, the engine will still kick in as soon as it is required so you don't need to worry about planning where to re-charge like you would with a pure electric car.

Take a look at our Hybrid range below and click on the models for more information. Or if you're looking for 100% electric cars then click here.

Hybrid Car FAQ's

What is the difference between an electric and hybrid car?

The main difference between an electric and hybrid is the way the vehicle is powered.

As the name suggests, an electric vehicle (EV) uses electricity to power the vehicle. For an electric car to function, you must plug it into a charge point in order to take electricity from the grid. This electricity is then stored in the vehicle’s rechargeable batteries which powers the electric motor and turns the wheels.

A hybrid is a partially electrified vehicle. This means it uses an electric motor and a conventional petrol or diesel engine to drive the wheels. Depending on the type of hybrid system being used, some hybrid vehicles (known as plug-in hybrids or PHEVs) will still need to be plugged into an electrical power source in order for the electric motor to work, while others (known as mild hybrids, full hybrids or self-charging hybrids) automatically charge the vehicle’s battery whilst ‘on the move’.

Are their different types of hybrid?

Yes. There are three different types of hybrid cars

  • Mild Hybrid (MHEVs)
  • Full Hybrid (FHEVs)
  • Plug-In Hybrid (PHEVs)

All types are explained here

Do I need to charge my hybrid?

Mild hybrid and full hybrid vehicles automatically recharge their battery whilst ‘on the move’. Energy typically lost during braking or when the vehicle is at a stand-still is harvested and stored in the vehicle’s battery pack. This energy is then to power the vehicle’s wheels at low speeds (full hybrid) or as a power booster to assist the engine (mild hybrid), helping to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) need to be plugged into an electric power source in order to charge the vehicle’s battery. This can be either at an EV charge point or at a domestic three-point plug. 

What happens if the battery goes flat?

One of the advantages of a hybrid vehicle over a pure electric vehicle is that it can run on petrol or diesel power alone, so if the battery in a hybrid vehicle isn't charged, you can still run the vehicle using the fuel engine. As such, hybrid vehicles are a popular choice with drivers who want to go ‘green’ but aren’t ready to make the leap to a fully electric vehicle.

Nearly New & Used Hybrid Cars

Why not take a look at our extensive range of nearly new, low mileage & used hybrid cars? We have hundreds in stock across our dealerships in Keighley, Huddersfield, Ashton-Under-Lyne and Bradford. Our stock changes daily so please feel free to get in touch if you can't see the model or colour you're looking for as we may have cars which are not yet advertised or due in stock very soon.

As well as our range of used Suzuki, Nissan and Subaru cars, we also have a selection of other makes & models for you to choose from. Click here to view our entire used car range.

Maintaining your Hybrid car

When it comes to looking after your hybrid car, we are here to help. Whether it's servicing, MOTs, repairs or maintenance our team of factory trained technicians have all the knowledge and experience to offer you the very best service & at competitive prices.

It's important to have your hybrid car's servicing carried out in line with your car's date of registration & regardless of mileage, for a number of reasons;

  • Warranty - You will be covered if a problem is discovered whilst your car is under warranty
  • Safety - Your car needs to be checked for safety reasons as problems can occur even if your vehicle has had little use

You can spread the cost of your servicing & protect yourself from price increases by taking advantage of a Colin Appleyard service plan. Not only will you know how much you're paying with our fixed price interest free monthly payments, you will also receive additional benefits for being one of our service club members. Click here for more details & to get an online quote.

More to choose from at Colin Appleyard

We know choosing your next car can be overwhelming which is why we've created some easy to use categories to help you find your perfect new car. Whether it's a sporty hatchback for around town, a family SUV with room for everyone, a 4x4 to keep you moving all year round or a switch to a 100% electric car, we've got something for everyone.