New Suzuki Hybrid Cars At Colin Appleyard

If you're looking to buy a new Hybrid car then Colin Appleyard have a fantastic selection from the Suzuki range for you to choose from.

Hybrid cars help to reduce the amount of emissions being produced and the amount of fuel needed to run them. This results in improved MPG and reduced running costs for you. Although there are different types of Hybrid cars, they all work in a similar way by using a combination of a traditional petrol engine alongside a battery system.

Self-Charging Hybrids can be driven in exactly the same way as a traditional petrol car. Some simply use the power saved during braking and convert this to electrical energy to re-charge the batteries - referred to as a mild hybrid system. Others will automatically switch to run on petrol or battery power as needed and are referred to as a full (or strong) hybrid system.

Plug-In Hybrids use a different battery system which allow them to run on pure electric for a longer period which results in even greater savings and miles per gallon. Although the batteries do need to be charged by plugging in, the engine will still kick in as soon as it is required so you don't need to worry about planning where to re-charge like you would with a pure electric car.


Take a look below at our range of new Suzuki Hybrid cars. You can also check out our range of used Suzuki cars here.