Suzuki Swift 2024 Review

Suzuki have always liked to do things different, but always 'Good Different'.

This ethos isn't just a motto; it's Suzuki's commitment to innovation, excellence, and exceeding expectations. With the 2024 Suzuki Swift, they've done exactly this! Bringing you a hatchback experience that's not only unique but also exceptionally rewarding too. Designed with you in mind, the Swift is more than just a car – it's your ticket to efficiency, great value and endless, worry-free adventures on the road. And now we welcome the very latest edition of this popular hatchback, carrying on the tradition of its predecessors by providing unexpected quality and everything you need all included as standard.

The 2024 Suzuki Swift embodies everything you love about Suzuki: quality and reliability with a side of excitement! So read on as we bring you all the details of the 2024 Suzuki Swift!

Small But Powerful!

The All-New Suzuki Swift comes with an eco-friendly 1.2L engine with hybrid boost; and whilst this may seem modest to some, the Swift is anything but! Beneath its sleek design lies a robust torque engine, ready to deliver better acceleration than ever before and precision on every drive.

What's more, it proudly stands as one of the very few remaining small cars which comes with a petrol based engine, offering an exciting blend of performance, efficiency and value for money.

Suzuki's hybrid system not only enhances fuel economy and reduces emissions but delivers higher low-speed torque for unparalleled responsiveness and performance.

Miles More For Your Money

Say goodbye to frequent stops at the pump, as the 2024 Swift boasts a 8% improvement in fuel efficiency and emissions. With best-in-class mileage, you can count on the Swift to be your perfect companion for daily errands or epic cross-country adventures.

Plus with an impressive 64.2mpg (WLTP combined) for the manual transmission and 60.1mpg (WLTP combined) for the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), you can trust that every mile is optimised for efficiency without sacrificing on performance.


Your Drive, Your Control

Driving should always be on your terms! So whether you're a stick-shift enthusiast or you prefer the smooth ride of an automatic, the Suzuki Swift has got you covered.

Suzuki's CVT transmission offers next-generation automatic driving. Unlike a traditional auto, the Swift's CVT transmission works on a two-pulley system resulting in a smooth and speedy transition throughout the engine's power band. 

Ready for Any Journey

From bustling city streets to remote backroads, the Suzuki Swift is designed to be your ultimate partner in exploration.

And with the added option of ALLGRIP 4 wheel drive, no adventure is off-limits. With this addition, you can enjoy the confidence and versatility of all-wheel drive without the need to upgrade to a larger SUV and the ability to get wherever you need to go no matter what the weather!

(ALLGRIP AWD option only available on Ultra MT model. Click here to read more about the Suzuki ALLGRIP system)

Swift Model Line-Up

Suzuki believe in giving you more for your money. Whether you choose the Motion or Ultra grade, you're guaranteed an abundance of features included as standard.

So why pay extra with other brands when you can enjoy all the bells and whistles right from the start?