New Electric Cars At Colin Appleyard

If you're looking for a new electric car then Colin Appleyard are here to help.

Electric cars are powered using rechargeable batteries which means they are better for the environment as they do not produce emissions like traditional engines. Electric cars need to be plugged into a charging point which can be fitted at your home. You can also re-charge your electric car using the increasing number of charging points whicha re available throughout the country.

Scroll down to see the current range of new electric cars we have to offer OR if you're not quite ready to make the switch, you may want to consider our Hybrid range of cars instead? Click here to view more about our Hybrid cars.

Electric Car FAQ's

How long do EV cars take to charge?

The time it takes to charge an electric car vary and can depend on the make and model as well as the type of charger being used. It's always recommended to have a dedicated charging point installed at your home and these will typically charge between 10 and 30 miles per hour. Public charging points will deliver a charge equivalent to between 20 and 80 miles per hour but if you use a fast-charging point (commonly found in motorway service stations and public car parks) you could charge from empty to 80% in less than an hour. 

What is the mile range?

The range of any EV is varied with some able to travel around 150 miles with other able to cover over 300 miles on a single charge. The make and model is a big factor along with the size of the battery not to mention how you drive. 

Are they expensive?

Whilst electric cars are more expensive to buy they are cheaper to run than a traditional petrol or diesel car. It is important however to make sure you are on a tariff that suits your requirements (which may include a reduced rate for charging during off-peak times).

Nearly New & Used Electric Cars

Why not take a look at our extensive range of nearly new & used electric cars? We also have hundreds of other used cars to choose from across our dealerships in Keighley, Huddersfield,Ashton-Under-Lyne & Bradford. Our stock changes daily so please feel free to get in touch if you can't see the model or colour you're looking for as we may have cars which are not yet advertised or due in stock very soon.

Maintaining your Electric car

When it comes to looking after your electric car, we are here to help. Whether it's servicing, MOTs, repairs or maintenance our team of factory trained technicians have all the knowledge and experience to offer you the very best service & at competitive prices.

It's important to have your electric car's servicing carried out in line with your car's date of registration & regardless of mileage, for a number of reasons;

  • Warranty - You will be covered if a problem is discovered whilst your car is under warranty
  • Safety - Your car needs to be checked for safety reasons as problems can occur even if your vehicle has had little use

You can spread the cost of your servicing & protect yourself from price increases by taking advantage of a Colin Appleyard service plan. Not only will you know how much you're paying with our fixed price interest free monthly payments, you will also receive additional benefits for being one of our service club members. Click here for more details & to get an online quote.

More to choose from at Colin Appleyard

We know choosing your next car can be overwhelming which is why we've created some easy to use categories to help you find your perfect new car. Whether it's a sporty hatchback for around town, a family SUV with room for everyone, a 4x4 to keep you moving all year round or a switch to a hybrid car, we've got something for everyone.