Let us introduce you to Nissan's first all-electric crossover. A sleek sporty design with enough room for all the family, the Nissan ARIYA is bursting with technology, but more importantly when it comes to electric cars, provides an impressive mileage range reducing the need to worry about where your next charge will be.

Whilst the new ARIYA isn't arriving in the showroom just yet, read on to find out what we know and to register for updates so you're first in the know and in the driving seat!

All-Electric performance

Range anxiety is common when it comes to electric cars. Worrying about where your next charge will be and if you can make it to your destination but with the impressive range of the Nissan ARIYA the anxiety is removed.

As well as a choice of one or two motors you also get the option of 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive (e-4ORCE). The standard 63kWh rear wheel drive will take you 223 miles between charges and pump out 215bhp. If your journey take your further then the 87kWh model is for you with a range of up to 310 miles and an increased 239bhp.

There's also the option of the ARIYA 'Performance' which uses the same 87kWh battery pack but produces 394hp from its two motors and reaches 60mph from zero in just 5.1 seconds beating the Porsche Macan!

Driver Assist & Safety

  • 2022 ariya propilot plus eurhd arypl029 1d
    ProPILOT with Navi-Link

    Navi-link helps keep you centred in your lane by following the flow of traffic

  • 2022 ariya propilot park eulhd arypl030 2 jpg ximg l 6 m smart
    ProPILOT Park

    Let the ARIYA take control of the steering, accelerator & brakes

  • 2022 ariya intell rear view mirror on eurhd arypl012 jpg ximg l 12 m smart
    Intelligent Rear View Mirror

    See what's behind with the in-built LCD screen & rear camera

  • 2022 ariya around view monitor still eurhd arypl011 jpg ximg l 12 m smart
    Parking Made Easy

    You'll be able to see everything with 4 built in cameras & a 360 degree view

  • 2022 ariya NI Mmodag007il c eulhd jpg ximg l 12 m smart
    Forward Collision Warning

    Avoid collisions by detecting when the vehicles in front suddenly decelerate

  • 2022 ariya NI Mmodag007il c eulhd jpg ximg l 12 m smart 1
    Intelligent Emergency Braking

    The ARIYA will automatically brake when there is a risk of a collision

  • 2022 ariya NI Mmodag010il c eulhd jpg ximg l 12 m smart
    Blind Spot Intervention

    Keeps an eye on your blind spot as you change lanes & helps guide you back

  • 2022 ariya NI Mmodag012il c eulhd jpg ximg l 12 m smart
    Rear Automatic Braking

    Automatically applies the brakes if it detects a stationary item behind


  • 2022 ariya interior cockpit eurhd arypl033 jpg ximg l 6 m smart
    Intelligent Route Planner

    Select the best route for the journey ahead & see all charging locations

  • 2022 ariya acp eurhd arypl016 d jpg ximg l 12 m smart
    Voice Control

    Use voice control in combinationwith Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

  • 2022 ariya wireless charging eurhd arypl015 jpg ximg l 12 m smart
    Wireless Charging

    The wireless charging pad powers your device whilst you're on the move

  • 2022 ariya owners app eulhd arypl044 jpg ximg l 6 m smart

    Remotely lock/unlock & initiate charging via the NissanConnect App

Coming soon...

Whilst we're still awaiting confirmation of the arrival date of the Nissan ARIYA, it recently made it's UK public debut and unsurprisingly impressed with it's design and innovation.

Referred to by Nissan's Nic Thomas (UK Marketing Director) as the "no compromise electric car" we know it's going to be a game changer when it comes to the future of new cars and in particular people's perception of electric driving.

At the time of writing this we're unable to share how much the ARIYA will cost as this is yet to be revealed but will be providing updates as and when we get them.

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