Beyond being a business, we are a family that thrives on nurturing talent, fostering growth, and turning aspirations into reality. From apprentices turned industry experts to fresh talents making their mark.
At Colin Appleyard we are committed to providing comprehensive training which forms the foundations of our success. We're not just in the business of hiring; we're here to develop you into your best self.
We take immense pride in making every employee feel like a part of the family – a philosophy reflected in our 'Feel Like Family' motto.

Read on as we take you on a journey through the inspiring stories of apprentices who have flourished within our ranks, representing the spirit of growth and unity in our company.

Lewis - from Apprentice Technician to Qualified Expert

Meet Lewis – a shining example of our dedication to fostering growth within our organisation.

Lewis embarked on his journey as an apprentice, fuelled by enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge.

Now he stands proudly as a qualified expert, holding a certificate that symbolises his incredible journey of learning and achievement. Lewis's story embodies our core belief that the right training and guidance can transform passionate apprentices into skilled professionals ready to conquer any challenge.

Pictured left to right - Lewis Bartle, Robin Appleyard (Manager Director) and Mick Raper (Lewis's mentor).


Technicians Turned Masters - Luke, Paul, Matt, Joe & Tomasz

Let us introduce you to Luke Porter, Paul Doyle, Matt Lainton, Joe Crowley Atkinson and Tomasz Kazimierczyk, who are all are shining examples of technicians who began their journey as apprentices and have climbed the ladder to become Master Technicians.

Their dedication, combined with our comprehensive manufacturer training programs, has propelled them to the highest levels of expertise. Each journey showcases ttheir commitment to learning and our dedication to our apprenticeship programme.

Picture 1 - Luke Porter (Ashton Under Lyne), Paul Doyle (Huddersfield), Tomasz Kazimierczyk (Huddersfield) and Matthew Lainton (Huddersfield).

Picture 2 - Keighley Service Manager Chris Stone (pictured left) and Group Head of Sales Andrew Ogle (pictured right) awarding recently qualified Master Technician Joe Crowley Atkinson (Keighley).

Dean Harrison and Adam Harrow - from Sales Executives to Business Managers

Dean Harrison and Adam Harrow's journeys are living testament to our commitment to fostering excellence and supporting our team's growth.

Starting their careers as Sales Executives, they showcased unwavering dedication and a relentless drive for success. Today, their hard work and determination have paid off, with their well-deserved promotions to their roles of Business Managers. Dean and Adam's journey reflects the heart of Colin Appleyard’s philosophy – that investing in our team's potential yields exceptional outcomes.

Pictured left to right - Keith Taylor (Suzuki National Sales Manager), John Currie (Suzuki Dealer Business Manager), Dean Harrison, Rod Addis (Suzuki Trainer), Adam Harrow, Mark Hallam (Suzuki Head Of Dealer Development).


Current Apprentices: Daniel Pearson and Khaled Fashola

As we celebrate the successes of our past and present apprentices, we also look forward to the future.

The stories of Daniel Pearson and Khaled Fashola underscore the promising potential that our current apprentices bring to the table. Their dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment mirror the qualities of our organisation and its employees altogether.

Picture 1 - Daniel Pearson (Keighley)

Picture 2 - Khaled Fashola receiving professional quality tools from our Managing Director Robin Appleyard alongside Angela Lauder (Ashton Service Manager) to support him towards his progression.

Your Peace of Mind Is Our Top Priority

At Colin Appleyard, we believe that customer service is about more than selling cars and fixing vehicles – it's about creating relationships built on trust.

Our apprenticeship program doesn't just cultivate growth within our team; it enhances your experience as well. When you entrust your vehicle to us, you're not just getting repairs – you're getting the culmination of our expertise, from both our apprentices and our master technicians. With each apprentices journey and every master technicians achievement, we reinforce our proficiency and our pledge to be your trusted automotive partners.

From apprentice to master, from diagnosis to repair, every step at Colin Appleyard is a testament to our commitment to elevating customer confidence. Your trust fuels our journey towards excellence, and we're honored to be the bridge that connects technical intricacies with your satisfaction. That's why we're immensely proud of our team of master technicians – individuals who have not only mastered the art of automotive craftsmanship but who also elevate your entire experience.

Join our Colin Appleyard family!

At Colin Appleyard we don't just offer jobs, it's more than a workplace – it's an opportunity to thrive. From apprenticeship to mastery, our commitment to fostering growth and providing comprehensive training sets the stage for success.

We've had apprentice technicians who joined us right after completing their schooling, and it's a source of immense pride to observe them attain the highest qualifications. Similarly, our sales executives form a dynamic team that consistently undergoes ongoing training. This training serves to broaden their understanding of our products and enhances their skill in delivering top-notch customer service.

The stories of Lewis, Luke, Paul, Matt, Joe, Dean, Adam, Daniel, and Khaled are a testament to the power of dedication, learning, and support.

Do you aspire to be part of a team that not only nurtures talent but shapes futures?

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