It’s that time of the year as new models start surfacing and a trio of machines from Yamaha really get the 2021 feels from us.

The new MT-07, MT-09 and MT-09SP machines continue the Yamaha ‘Dark Side of Japan’ philosophy, giving credit to their full name: Masters of Torque (Or MT for short).

A group of visionary designers and engineers pioneered one of the most iconic motorcycles in Yamaha’s history and that focus on emotions, has created a bike to be ridden for thrills, with a clear sense of identity to its riders.

Quick, agile, and aggressively styled, these streetfighter type machines with their torquey engines give an adrenaline-charged ride, and we can’t wait to show you the latest evolution!

The MT-07: The bike that works for everyone.

The MT-07 features its key, EU5 690cc cross-plane engine, giving it torquey characteristics, amazing sound, and ultra-reliability. Yamaha has made the riding position more comfortable and assertive, whilst the MT-07’s next-gen design gives this bike a futuristic aesthetic. It features LED projector lighting, new LCD instruments, and a range of new colours, graphics, and finishes.

The MT-09: The purest hyper-naked.

The MT-09 has an all-new diecast deltabox chassis paired with cutting-edge design. From its full colour TFT display instruments to a compact, bi-functional LED headlight and a crystal graphite frame-finish, the MT-09 has never looked better. Additionally, Yamaha has given the new MT-09 a larger capacity, 889cc EU5 cross-plane engine, giving it 93nm of torque at 7,000rpm and 119ps at 10,000rpm.

The MT-09 SP: Sharper, smarter, exclusive.

The MT-09 SP builds upon the already great MT-09, adding premium, fully adjustable KYB front suspension, plus a high-grade Ohlins shock absorber on the rear. Adding to these impressive additions, Yamaha has also added cruise control to the already comprehensive electronic rider aids! The MT-09 SP also gets dedicated R1M inspired SP colours, plus an exclusive, double-stitched seat.

If you’d like to enquire about the new MT line-up, please call us on 01535 606311 or contact us by filling the contact form!