Article By Fahema Begum

Unleash your Suzuki's potential with ALLGRIP: the ultimate Four Wheel Drive system

Suzuki has been making strides in the automotive industry since day one with its innovative technologies. One such technology is their ALLGRIP 4 Wheel Drive system, available on the Swift, Ignis, Vitara and S-Cross Ultra and with the upgraded ALLGRIP Pro system on the renowned Jimny.

The biggest benefit of the Suzuki ALLGRIP system is that it gives you the peace of mind that it's there in times when you may need it (for example to tackle snow and icy conditions) but has very minimal impact on your car's efficiency whereas most of the 4x4 options on the market today will see you at the fuel pumps more often than you may like!

With the ALLGRIP system you get 4 wheel drive & a choice of 4 different driving modes, providing you with better handling, better stability and traction in even the toughest of driving conditions.

Read on as we take a closer look at how the ALLGRIP system works and how to make it work better for you.



Auto is the default mode and it is suitable for most driving conditions. ALLGRIP Auto prioritises fuel economy and uses two wheel drive by default, but system automatically adjusts the torque distribution between the front and rear wheels, depending on the driving conditions. For example, when driving on a straight road, the system sends more torque to the front wheels, while on a slippery road, the system sends more torque to the rear wheels.


Sport mode is designed for sporty driving on winding roads, providing a more responsive and dynamic driving experience. In this mode traction control intervention is weakened instead, this is so that acceleration response is improved, so you can turn corners with much more ease.


Snow mode is ideal for driving on snow-covered roads. In this mode, stability is maximised through traction control intervention and a permanent 50/50 torque splits between the front and rear wheels which helps to prevent the wheels from spinning and provides better traction.


Lock mode is designed for driving in rough terrains, such as muddy roads or steep hills. In this mode, the system locks the torque distribution between the front and rear wheels, providing equal torque to all four wheels. The traction control system applies braking to wheels that are spinning without traction. This provides maximum traction and stability, leaving you in control and allowing your car to drive over obstacles and steep inclines.

Now we've covered the ALLGRIP modes, let's take a look at which of the cars in the Suzuki range feature ALLGRIP 4x4


ALLGRIP SELECT provides the inherent values "Fun to drive", "Peace of mind" and "High fuel-efficiency" by allowing the driver to choose from the 4 driving modes we've already covered. The electronically controlled four-wheel-drive system uses a simple push-and-turn dial so the driver can experience different driving styles depending on the road surfaces or conditions.

The Suzuki S-Cross Ultra is the perfect crossover SUV for those who need a practical vehicle for both city and longer distance driving. It comes with all the tech you need as standard along with the very latest in safety technology making it a safe & reliable choice.

The Suzuki Vitara is a compact SUV that comes with the ALLGRIP Mode system as an option for the SZ-T and SZ5 models. Whilst compact, the Vitara also offers a spacious interior making it an excellent choice for families who need a reliable and practical vehicle for daily use.


ALLGRIP Auto gives the driver peace of mind in everyday driving, especially when driving on slippery roads or snowy surfaces. With the viscous coupling four-wheel drive system, torque is automatically distributed to the rear wheels, when it detects the front wheel losing grip of the road.

The Suzuki Swift is a sporty and compact hatchback that comes with the option of ALLGRIP in the SZ5 model. The Swift is perfect for those who are looking for a small car but with the ability to handle adverse weather conditions.

The Suzuki Ignis is perfect for handling busy city streets with style! The compact SUV has won multiple awards & is a great option if you're looking for great fuel economy and stand out appeal.


ALLGRIP PRO is an advanced version of the ALLGRIP mode system provides exceptional off-roading capabilities to match the driver’s enthusiasm for exploring, granting them the power to take on and conquer any difficulties.

Featuring a four-wheel drive system with a reduction gear, this system allows for professional level driving that can quickly and easily tackle the toughest of terrains.

In conclusion, Suzuki offer several vehicles that all come with the ALLGRIP mode option catering to different needs and preferences. If you're after a small and sporty hatchback, a mini SUV, a larger SUV, or a crossover SUV, Suzuki has a vehicle that can handle various driving conditions while providing a smooth and stable ride.

With four different modes to choose from, drivers can opt for the option which best suits their driving needs and road conditions. Whether driving on winding roads, snow-covered roads, or rough terrain, the ALLGRIP Mode system provides a safe and enjoyable driving experience whichever you choose.