Article By Tracey Butterfield

The benefits of buying an Ex-Demonstrator or Pre-Registered car

There are many benefits to buying an ex-demonstrator or pre-registered car but what's the difference between them? 

Read on as we explain and provide you with a lowdown of the reasons why you might want to consider a 'nearly new car' next time you're thinking about a change.

What are the differences between a Pre-Registered And Ex-Demo car?

Ex-Demonstrator Cars

An 'ex-demo' or 'ex-demonstrator' car is one that has been used by a dealership either for customer test drives or by as a customer loan vehicle. These cars will obviously have covered some mileage but are still very much a nearly new car. We will always have a selection of ex-demonstrator cars available as we make room for the latest models in our showrooms and make them available for customer test drives.

Pre-Registered Cars

'Pre-registered' or 'dealer registered' cars are actually brand new cars but ones which have been registered in the dealer's name. They will show as having one previous owner on the V5 logbook but will not have been driven outside of the dealership. They will have what we refer to as 'delivery mileage' which is a few miles acquired from moving the car around the dealership and whilst carrying out it's pre-delivery inspection.

The benefits of buying an Ex-Demo or Pre-Registered car

Savings on new

You'll get a great saving when you compare it to the RRP of a new car. Whilst ex-demo and pre-registered cars are 'used' cars, they offer a great alternative to those who really want a new car but may not quite be able to afford the price tag.

More for your money

Ex-Demo and Pre-registered cars can be of a high specification which may mean you can get a 'better' car without breaking the bank. Want extras but can't stretch the budget? Many cars may have already been fitted with optional extras and upgrades which you may not find on the standard version.

Low / No Mileage

Demonstrator cars are only used for a short period of time which means they will have covered very little mileage. Pre-Registered cars will have just delivery mileage on the clock.

Consistent Car Maintenance

Any vehicle used by a dealership will have been subjected to regular maintenance. Cars will have been washed and valeted after each use and where required will have had the manufacturer's recommended servicing carried out.

Manufacturer Warranty / Roadside Assistance

You'll get the remaining balance of the manufacturer's warranty along with any roadside assistance which comes with the car from new, providing you with the reassurance of worry-free motoring.

Are there any negatives when buying an Ex-Demo or Pre-Registered car?

Whilst there may not always be an entire range of colours and specifications to choose from, the savings which can be had from purchasing an ex-demo or pre-registered car will far outweigh having to sacrifice on your first choice of colour. Plus you'll still be driving around with the latest registration plate so will have plenty of bragging rights!

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