Suzuki Vitara now with a brand new Full Hybrid system

The change to the popular Suzuki Vitara comes with the increase in interest for hybrid vehicles & the requirement for manufacturers to reduce the environmental impact of their cars. Suzuki have made a conscious effort to do more with their entire new car range running on a hybrid system of some description. Following a move to a mild hybrid engine a few years ago, the Vitara will offer an even more economical & environmentaly friendly option with it's brand new full / strong hybrid system.

The Vitara is already an extremely popular compact SUV and it's now likely to appeal to an even wider audience as it sees further improvements to MPG and CO2 emissions output.

Full Hybrid Vitara - engine & performance

With a newly developed 1.5 litre petrol engine, in place of the existing 1.4 litre mild hybrid boosterjet engine, you'll be able to travel longer on less fuel. The new full hybrid Vitara will automatically switch from EV (zero emission) driving across to hybrid for a combined fuel economy of up to 53 mpg. It will also benefit from reduced CO2 emissions with an output of 121 g/km. 

A powerful & highly efficient 24kW electric motor (Motor Generator Unit or MGU)​ allows the Vitara to start and accelerate smoothly as well facilitating the vehicle to run in electric (EV) mode with the engine for quiet operation and minimal fuel consumption.​

In addition to the engine update Suzuki have also upgraded the transmission. The new Auto Gear Shift (AGS) transmission will appear across the range and in both 2 wheel and 4 wheel models. AGS transmission will automatically shift gears and operates the clutch providing the direct driving experience and efficiency of a manual but with the automatic shifting convenience of an auto.

Choice of driving modes

There are 2 selectable hybrid driving modes - Eco and Standard. In Standard mode, the MGU (electric motor) will work harder to assist the engine to provide a more responsive performance. Eco mode increases the frequency of electric driving for greater efficiency.

Standard Mode

  • Accelerator Response - power is prioritised with more assistance from the MGU
  • Air Conditioning - a choice of modes are selectable
  • ALLGRIP 4 Wheel Drive - Auto, Sport, Snow and Lock modes are selectable

Eco Mode

  • ​Accelerator Response - efficiency is prioritised with more EV driving & late engine response
  • Air Conditioning - only Fuel Efficiency Priority Mode is selectable
  • ALLGRIP 4 Wheel Drive - only Auto mode is selectable

Model Line-Up

The new Full Hybrid Vitara will be available in the SZ-T and SZ5 specification plus the option of an ALLGRIP SZ5 model.

Vitara SZ-T Full Hybrid

  • LED multi-reflector headlights (low & high beam)
  • Dual sensor brake support (AEB)
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane departure prevention
  • Rear cross traffic alert
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Blind spot monitor
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Smartphone link with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay
  • Satellite navigation
  • Rear parking camera
  • 17" alloy wheels
  • Front and rear fog lamps
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • Silver roof rails
  • Chrome front grille

Vitara SZ5 Full Hybrid - in addition to the SZ-T features...

  • 17" polished alloy wheels
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Front & Rear parking sensors
  • Electric folding door mirrors with built-in indicator
  • Suede seat fabric

The Full Hybrid Driving Cycle

Stop - When stopped all units shut down to present wasted energy consumption

Start - The electric motor will quietly start the vehicle. The EV engine smoothly restarts via ISG starter motor function if the acceleration pedal is pushed beyond a certain point.

Acceleration - The MGU (electric motor) assists the engine for a smooth acceleration. While the clutch is disengaged during gear shifts, the MGU fills the gap to provide a much smoother & continuous acceleration.

Normal Drive - When driving at a constant speed of up to around 80 km/h, the engine automatically stops and EV driving activates. When driving at a constant speed, the MGU (electric motor) utilises engine power to efficiently generate electricity and recharge the drive battery while also driving the vehicle

Deceleration - The MGU generates electricity from kinetic energy to charge the lithium-ion battery. If the accelerator pedal is released at less than approx. 135 km/h, the engine automatically stops to efficiently generate electricity

Low Speeds & Reversing - When cruising at a constant low speed and reversing, the engine stops and the vehicle is driven by the MGU (EV driving)

Suzuki Vitara - now available with 0% APR Finance

You can purchase a brand new Vitara with 0% APR Finance PLUs Nil Deposit.

This offer is available on ALL Vitara models including the new Full Hybrid version. We have stock avaialble immediately so you can drive away without delay!


Confused by all the hybrid jargon? We explain the differences between Mild & Full Hybrids

Read on for our explanation of the differences between mild & full hybrids or for even more information, including an explanation of plug-in hybrids, why not check out our 'Know Your Hybrids' blog

Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV)

Mild hybrids are a kind of Self-Charging Hybrid - this means they use an electric motor to assist the petrol/diesel engine when accelerating to save fuel.

Many people wrongly assume that this requires a charging port for the battery or that they need to do something extra because it is a hybrid. This is not the case! You can simply fill the car with fuel and drive like normal.

The electric battery sits in the background reducing the amount of work the engine has to do. This has a number of positives but the main two are the life cycle of the car will last longer and improves overall fuel economy.

If you didn't know the mild hybrid system was there, you wouldn't know it was a hybrid at all. Mild hybrids drive no differently to regular cars.

Pros of Mild Hybrid

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Drives like a traditional petrol / diesel car
  • Can be both manual and automatic
  • Cheaper than full or plug-in hybrids


Full / Strong Hybrid Electric Vehicle (FHEV)

Full hybrids, also known as strong hybrids, are much like mild hybrids however they have the ability to travel (really) short distances on electric power only. This would again benefit fuel economy even more than a mild hybrid.

A full hybrid works in the same way as a mild hybrid in terms of filling the car up with fuel and driving as you normally would. The only difference is that the combustion engine will automatically switch to running on electric only power. It will then revert back to using the engine as and when it needs to for example when accelerating hard to ensure the car has the power it needs. 

Pros of Full Hybrid

  • Great fuel economy
  • Built from light materials
  • More assistance from electric
  • Extends a cars life cycle
  • Automatic stop/start
  • Can be both manual and automatic
  • Higher re-sale value
  • Cheaper than a plug-in hybrid


* £2,000 saving applies to new cars ordered & registered by 31/3/22. Additional £2,000 loyalty saving is valid when you part-exchange another Suzuki car. Part-exchange must have been registered to you (or your partner/spouse at the same address) for at least 90 days prior to the date upon which the new car is ordered. Applies to orders placed & cars registered by 31/3/22.