Suzuki ACross 2022 Review

After meeting the brand new Suzuki ACROSS in the latter part 2020, we were initially impressed with the level of technology, sophistication and the overall quality of the first of the new Suzuki models to be built in collaboration with Toyota. But has that impression remained? Read on to find out.

Introducing The New Suzuki ACROSS

The ACROSS is one of two new models introduced in the latter part 2020 from the Suzuki / Toyota collaboration (the other being the new Swace) and with it has come several features not yet seen on other models in the existing Suzuki line up.

  • Cutting-edge Plug-In Hybrid technology - the ACROSS is currently the only plug-in hybrid in the Suzuki range (with the others being a mild hybrid with a small battery to assist performance). The sophisticated plug-in hybrid system delivers fantastic fuel economy and low CO2 emissions combined with a quick response and smooth acceleration.
  • New E-Four electronic 4x4 system - advanced 4x4 capability that ensures efficient and effective performance giving you complete confidence in slippery conditions.
  • Striking SUV design - The ACROSS is the largest vehicle in the Suzuki model line-up with a robust body that combines SUV toughness with sporty looks.

Plug-In Hybrid Performance

​The new, cutting-edge Plug-In Hybrid system on board the ACROSS provides both fantastic fuel economy and incredibly low CO2 emissions of just 22g/km. The powerful front electric motor delivers vigorous torque at low speeds and combines that with a powerful 2.5 litre petrol engine for rapid acceleration at higher speeds. The ACROSS boasts one of the longest ranges on battery power alone of any plug-in hybrid with up to 46 miles of zero emissions.

The system is equipped with four modes: the default EV mode, Auto EV/HV mode, HV mode, and battery charger mode, which the driver can select depending on driving conditions and battery status. In EV Mode the vehicle is driven entirely by the power of the electric motor even under full acceleration. When in Auto EV/HV mode and HV mode, the engine contributes to power delivery when required, such as when the accelerator is pressed strongly. To store electricity for EV mode when the charge is low, the battery charger mode runs the engine to recharge the battery.

"With a claimed 46 miles of range on the battery pack alone, this is a car that could do a week’s worth of school runs without ever waking the engine. It’s also extremely well-equipped.​" - Top Gear


The interior of the new Suzuki ACROSS feels luxurious, with quality upholstery and accents giving you a feeling of comfort, luxury and driving confidence. Enhancing that driving experience is a 9" touchscreen display which works in conjunction with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as MirrorLink for other compatible smartphones.

The cabin is spacious for both front seat and back seat passengers (both of which benefit from heated seats), but this doesn't mean that luggage space has been compromised.

The new ACROSS has a huge 490 litre boot equipped with an electrical outlet and accessory socket for added versatility. Plus, there's a very handy automatic boot opener which is triggered by moving your foot below the rear spoiler for when your hands are full! There are more than ample storage spaces throughout the rest of the vehicle including a centre console box.


Advanced Safety & Technology

The new ACROSS certainly gives you peace of mind on the road as it comes equipped with the latest smart safety features including Pre-Collision System (PCS), Lane Tracing Assist (LTA), Blind Spot Monitor (BSM), Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), eCall and Rear Crossing Traffic Alert (RCTA). It also comes with driver assist systems such as Road Sign Assist (RSA) and Brake Hold as standard.

With so much on board technology and packed with the latest in safety equipment, the Suzuki ACROSS is likely to score high in the latest Euro NCAP tests.

"The fact that the ACROSS can do 46 miles on electric power will slash running costs for private and business users." - carwow

4x4 Capability

The state-of-the-art E-Four electronic 4x4 system in the new ACROSS provides drivers with genuine 4WD performance while maintaining superior fuel efficiency (thanks to it's aforementioned plug-in hybrid engine). Benefits of this system include enhanced stability when setting off on slippery surfaces such as snow covered roads, and confident handling when cornering on varying road surfaces.

At the heart of the E-Four system is the sophisticated AWD Integrated Management (AIM), which not only controls the distribution of power to the wheels, but also engine throttle, transmission shift scheduling, Electric Power Steering (EPS) assistance and braking, according to the driving conditions.

Trail Mode is an automatic feature that ensures the best possible grip and control on slippery surfaces by applying the brakes to wheels that begin to lose grip and redirects torque to wheels that maintain grip. The feature also adjusts the throttle and transmission shift pattern to keep the vehicle moving.

"You get everything including the kitchen sink as standard. There's adaptive cruise control, a leather interior, heated front and rear seats, a heated steering wheel, dual-zone automatic climate control and an electrically-powered tailgate as standard. The options list is light, but mainly because Suzuki appears to have fitted pretty much of it all as standard." - Parkers

Take a look around the Suzuki ACross

Our Conclusion

Now that we've had time to experience the new ACROSS fully, we'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a spacious, powerful car which is kinder to the environment and offers fewer trips to the petrol station.

The ACROSS is comfortable and capable, and we're more than impressed with the plug-in hybrid technology which has been born from the Suzuki / Toyota collaboration. Though the price is higher than we've come to expect from a Suzuki car, you're certainly getting bags of features, impressive performance and value for money that the Suzuki brand is so well known for.

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