Subaru Round Up: The Best Models of 2023

Subaru is one of the most sought-after brands for car buyers, due to its high safety standards, all-wheel drive prowess, and of course time-tested reliability. In this article, we delve into the world of Subaru further to explore the best models the brand has to offer in 2023. From versatile crossovers to rugged SUVs, Subaru's 2023 lineup showcases a blend of practicality, off-road capability, and technological advancements. Whether you're looking for an adventure-ready car or a family-friendly option, Subaru's 2023 offerings have something to cater for everyone.

The Top Subaru Models of 2023​

The Subaru Solterra

The Subaru Solterra, marking the Japanese brand's foray into the electric family SUV arena, brings with it a blend of familiar Subaru qualities and an electrified powertrain.

Let’s explore the key highlights and drawbacks of the Subaru Solterra in its 2023 iteration.

Highlights of the Subaru Solterra:

Popular in the Electric SUV Segment: The Subaru Solterra enters the electric family SUV market as a strong contender. While not quite as quirky charm as some of Subaru's older models, the Solterra carves a niche for itself with its performance, technology & all-wheel drive capabilities.

Enjoyable Driving Experience: Despite being an electric vehicle, the Solterra retains the enjoyable driving dynamics that Subaru is known for. It features all-wheel drive as standard, catering to the brand's tradition, and incorporates off-road-style capabilities that will please Subaru enthusiasts.

Balanced Handling: On the road, the Solterra strikes a fine balance between capable handling and a comfortable ride. It handles corners with minimal body roll and offers responsive steering, making it a versatile choice for various driving scenarios.

Smooth Power Delivery: Powered by a pair of electric motors, the Solterra delivers a smooth and responsive driving experience. Accelerating from 0-62mph in just 6.9 seconds, it proves more than adequate for daily commutes and family needs.

Comfortable Cabin: Inside the Solterra, passengers are treated to a well-insulated cabin that shields them from road noise, providing a serene experience on long journeys. The interior quality, including sturdy plastics and fabric materials, imparts a premium feel to the vehicle.

User-Friendly Controls: Staying true to Subaru's philosophy, the Solterra employs a user-friendly control layout with physical buttons for essential functions, including climate control. This approach ensures drivers can easily access vital features without distraction.

Impressive Infotainment: The central 12.3-inch infotainment screen stands out as a highlight, boasting well-thought-out menus, quick responsiveness, and swift route loading. Wireless Apple CarPlay is standard across all versions, enhancing connectivity.

Convenient Smartphone Control: Subaru's Care App offers owners the convenience of remotely controlling various car functions through their smartphones. This includes pre-heating the car, setting charging schedules, checking the car's status, and accessing driving analytics data.

Ample Passenger Space: The Solterra's cabin provides ample space for passengers. Rear seats are adjustable, with reclining capabilities, enhancing passenger comfort, although some passengers may find leg support limited.

Safety Assurance: Safety is a priority, as evidenced by the Solterra's five-star Euro NCAP rating and comprehensive safety features, ensuring peace of mind for both drivers and passengers.

The Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback, introduced in 1994, deserves recognition as a trailblazer in the world of crossovers. It's the fusion of estate car practicality and the rugged aesthetics of an SUV that sets it apart. While newer competitors like the Toyota RAV4 and Nissan Qashqai have redefined the crossover segment, the Outback has remained true to its original concept and has since been joined by similar high-riding estates.

Highlights of the Subaru Outback

Crossover Pioneer: The Subaru Outback is a true pioneer, shaping the crossover segment before it became mainstream. Its unique blend of estate car functionality with SUV aesthetics continues to appeal to discerning buyers.

Proven reliability: Built upon the legacy estate platform, the Outback carries forward Subaru's legacy of horizontally-opposed boxer engines and a permanent all-wheel-drive system. These are time-tested components known for their robustness and reliability.

Off-Road Ready: The Outback boasts classic off-road estate styling cues, including raised suspension, rugged black cladding, and functional roof rails. While it doesn't feature plastic wheel arch extensions, it excels in delivering genuine off-road capability.

Engine Options: In the UK, the Outback offers two engine choices to cater to diverse preferences. The 2.5L four-cylinder boxer petrol engine, paired with Subaru's Lineartronic CVT auto, provides a smooth and responsive drive. Meanwhile, the 2.0L flat-four diesel engine offers a balance of power and efficiency, with a six-speed manual transmission option.

Well-Equipped Trim: The Outback's single trim level, SE Premium, impresses with its generous features. Notably, the inclusion of Subaru's EyeSight system, featuring adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, and lane-keeping assistance, enhances safety and convenience.

Unique 4WD: What sets the Outback apart is its unique permanent all-wheel-drive system. Unlike some rivals with reactive 4WD setups, the Outback sends power to all four wheels at all times, providing excellent traction and stability across various terrains.

Improved Driving Dynamics: Subaru has made strides in improving the Outback's on-road handling with stiffer suspension. While it may come at a slight cost to ride comfort, this enhancement enhances overall driving confidence.

The Subaru XV (Crosstrek)

The Subaru XV (soon to be re-launched as the Crosstrek) represents Subaru's venture into the subcompact crossover SUV segment. Known for its fuel efficiency, all-wheel-drive system, and roomy interior, the XV is completed with a self-charging hybrid powertrain.

Highlights of the Subaru XV (Crosstrek)

Fuel Efficiency: The XV excels in fuel efficiency, making it an attractive choice for buyers seeking economical driving in a crossover SUV. With its efficient hybrid engine, it provides a wallet-friendly driving experience, which is especially appealing for budget-conscious consumers.

All-Wheel Drive: Subaru's renowned all-wheel-drive system comes standard in the XV (Crosstrek), enhancing traction and stability, which is beneficial for all-weather and off-road driving. This feature provides peace of mind to drivers in various driving conditions, from rainy city streets to rugged trails.

Spacious Interior: With a roomy interior, the XV accommodates passengers and cargo comfortably, making it a practical choice for families and active lifestyles. The generous interior space ensures that both passengers and their belongings have ample room to stretch out and enjoy the journey.

Off-Road Capability: Unlike many competitors, the XV can handle tough terrain confidently, thanks to its all-wheel-drive system and features like X-Mode traction control and hill descent control. This makes it a compelling choice for outdoor enthusiasts and those who like to venture off the beaten path.

Safety Features: The XV is equipped with a range of safety features, including autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning, and lane-keep assist, contributing to its strong Euro NCAP safety rating. These safety technologies enhance driver confidence and contribute to a safer driving experience, especially in challenging traffic conditions.

The Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester, a compact SUV, is renowned for its safety features, all-wheel drive system, and generous interior space.

Highlights of the Subaru Forester

Safety Features: The Forester excels when it comes to safety features, making it an ideal choice for safety-conscious buyers. It comes equipped with advanced safety technologies such as lane keep assist and forward collision avoidance, contributing to its reputation as a safe family SUV.

Hybrid Engine: The Forester features Subaru's 2.0 litre petrol e-BOXER hybrid engine works seamlessly with an electric motor to provide a more efficient drive on every journey.

All-Wheel Drive: Subaru's all-wheel drive system is a standard feature in the Forester, providing enhanced traction and stability. This capability is beneficial for drivers facing challenging road conditions, making it a reliable choice for all-weather driving.

Spacious Interior: The Forester offers a roomy interior, accommodating passengers comfortably. With ample legroom and headroom, it suits families and those seeking a comfortable ride. Heated rear seats further enhance passenger comfort.

Off-Road Capability: For those seeking an SUV with genuine off-road capabilities, the Forester is an attractive option. It features X-Mode, which adjusts torque distribution for different terrain settings, and a formidable hill descent control system. Few family SUVs can match its off-road prowess.

Solid Build: Subaru's reputation for durability is upheld in the Forester, which feels robustly built. The low window line ensures excellent visibility, and the vehicle is designed to withstand rugged conditions, making it an appealing choice for those needing a dependable workhorse.

Price Competitiveness: The Forester offers competitive pricing compared to rivals in its segment. Even the entry-level model, priced lower than some competitors, remains well-equipped, providing excellent value for budget-conscious buyers.

Which Subaru model is best?

The Subaru XV (Crosstrek) shines as an efficient and compact SUV, well-suited for urban driving and offering the security of Subaru's all-wheel-drive system.

The Forester, known for its off-road capabilities and reliability, is a great optiont for those seeking a more traditional SUV experience. It offers a robust interior and advanced technology, making it a dependable choice.

The rugged Subaru Outback, combines the best of both worlds, delivering exceptional safety, all-wheel-drive capabilities along with a spacious, versatile interior. It's the perfect companion for those who appreciate the outdoors.

Subaru's all-electric SUV, the Solterra, holds great promise for environmentally conscious drivers, combining Subaru's signature all-wheel drive with electric efficiency.

The best Subaru model? Well it all comes down to what you're looking for. With such a versatile offering across the range there's something to suit every need but regardless of which model you choose, you can be sure that reliability and safety all comes as standard with each & every Subaru paying testimony to Subaru's core values and commitment to the automotive world.

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