Article By Fahema Begum

When it comes to choosing a family car, the list of necessary features can be almost impossible to achieve.

**Enter the Nissan LEAF,** - a 100% electric car that is the perfect solution to meet the travel needs of demanding family life.

From its stunning design and class-leading technology to its superior safety features and spacious interior, here’s why you should seriously consider the Nissan LEAF as your next family vehicle.

In style

Opting for family-based practicality does not mean you have to compromise on style. While the idea of a family car can often be equated with unexciting design and uninspired looks, the Nissan LEAF defies this notion. Its sleek simplicity and aerodynamic profile give it an elegant and distinctive look. 

The interior is just as stunning, with plush seats, iconic blue accents and a “floating” windscreen that give it a luxurious feel. 

The LEAF can also be accessorised inside and out with an extensive range of extras, so you can personalise it exactly to your taste. All this ensures you can still look good while going about your family business

​Room to manoeuvre

​Arguably top of the list when it comes to choosing a family car is the space. It has to be a true packhorse, able to accommodate a growing family, their friends and the proverbial the kitchen sink. 

The Nissan LEAF steps up to the challenge with a versatile interior configuration that can be changed to suit the load.

With the five spacious and comfortable seats upright, the boot capacity is 435 litres, leaving plenty of room for luggage. 

By folding the 60:40 rear seats flat, the space can be expanded up to 1176 litres to accommodate larger items such golf clubs or pushchairs. Optional extras such as a bike carrier, cargo organiser and cargo cover increase the LEAF’s practical prowess even further. 

Range Reliability

​There’s no denying that a family car has to be reliable, and the inevitable “range fear” can often be a big turn off in choosing an electric vehicle. 

With the Nissan LEAF, there is no need to worry. It can tackle the daily grind of the school run and office commute, as well as longer-distance journeys, with no problem.

The Nissan LEAF e+ model offers up to 239 miles of all-electric range, which when broken down into the multiple short journeys that most families do day-to-day, gives you a lot of A to B and back again on one charge. 

Even long trips are easy and stress-free, with the ability to do a top-up charge if required when you stop for the inevitable comfort breaks along the way. 

Charging Ahead

On the subject of charging, the Nissan LEAF can be charged in multiple ways to fit in with your busy family lifestyle.

For a full charge, the car can be plugged directly into a standard domestic wall socket or via a professionally installed AC charger sold by Nissan. This takes up to 7.5 hours for the Nissan LEAF and 11.5 hours for the Nissan LEAF e+.

On the go, there’s a wide network of traditional AC charging points, while there are a growing number of 50kW CHAdeMO rapid chargers, which can boost your range from 20% to 80% in as little as 60 minutes for the LEAF and 90 minutes for the LEAF e+. Ideal if you’re out and about on any number of family activities, be it the food shop or the cinema.

Money saving​

No matter how you look at it, running an electric family car is less expensive that running a petrol or diesel vehicle. 

With the rising cost of living (and the never-ending requests from the kids for the latest toy/trainers/phone/computer), that’s a welcome fact in anyone’s book. The Nissan LEAF gives you more bang for your battery-powered buck.

Aside from the obvious elimination of fuel costs, there is no road tax; you avoid all congestion and low-emission zone charges; and you can get up to £1500 discount on the price of the Nissan LEAF thanks to the government’s plug-in car grant

Long-term, fewer moving parts means lower maintenance costs. Imagine what the family can do with all that saved cash!

Safety First

When you’re driving your family around, they are the very definition of precious cargo. The Nissan LEAF offers some of the most advanced technologies available, all aimed at keeping your passengers safe – even when the little darlings are doing their very best to distract you from the road.

Driver assist features help you see better, alert you to what’s happening around you and, in some cases, even step in and take action.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility is like an extra pair of eyes, minimising driving stress, so you can focus on your journey and getting the whole family safely to their destination.

That’s Entertainment

If you’re a parent, you’ll understand the torture of car journeys with children. Squabbling and squealing, proclaiming they’re bored and asking for the millionth time if you’re nearly there. It can be stressful. Luckily, the Nissan LEAF has an entertainment system that will keep even the shortest of attention spans engaged.

The Advanced NissanConnect in-car infotainment means you can enjoy your apps with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, play music through the Bose Premium Audio System and turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot, connecting up to seven laptops, smartphones, tablets or gaming devices to your car’s internet. With any luck, you won’t hear a peep from the kids until you get to where you’re going!

New or Used

At Colin Appleyard, you can of course invest in a brand-new Nissan LEAF or you can choose from a great selection used models. In fact, in the 2021 What Car? Electric Vehicle Awards, the Nissan LEAF was named ‘Best Used Electric Family Car’.

They summed it up as: “A truly viable alternative to the traditional family car: the LEAF is practical and good to drive, plus its range makes it useful for more than just commuting. Overall, the 40kWh LEAF impresses next to its used rivals .”

Why Colin Appleyard?

Whether you choose a new or used Nissan LEAF, be sure to choose Colin Appleyard.

We have 50 years of experience, five showrooms across the north and a focus on high levels of customer services. So, it’s no wonder our customers ‘Feel Like Family’, and you can too!

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