Get your car Summer Health Check with Colin Appleyard

Is your car Summer Ready?

Summer is nearly upon us with the recent beautiful weather we're getting to see! In amidst of your summer plans don't forget to get your vehicle road ready, the last thing you want is flat tyre or your car breaking down ruining your holiday before it's even started. But not to worry, this is where we come in! Our factory trained technicians do all the necessary checks to keep you going all summer.

Read on below to find out the items that are inspected as part of our Summer health check

What is included in Colin Appleyard's Summer Safety Checks?

Our free Summer safety checks are carried out by expert technicians who will look at various parts and components including the following:

  • Check operation and temperature of air conditioning
  • Coolant level/condition
  • Test the batteries charge & condition
  • Tyre condition including tread depth and
  • Lights & indicators
  • Visual safety check (inside & outside)
  • Windscreen wipers and blades (check for splits & wear)
  • Visual radiator & heater hose check
  • Brake fluid boiling point
  • Oil level


Simple car safety checks you can do at home

There are several distinct differences between summer and winter driving with excessive heat and bright lights topping the list.

With summer comes weekend getaways and more frequent family road trips is your car safe and reliable enough? It’s important to keep your car in good shape throughout the year and summer safety checks can help.

As well as having regular servicing and your annual MOT, there's a number of regular checks you can do for yourself, including checking your tyre pressures are correct and oil and washer levels etc are correct.

  • Check that you have enough fuel for your journey
  • Make sure your oil level is between the minimum and maximum mark on the dipstick
  • Check your tyres for general wear and tear, splits, cracks, bulges and tread depth (at least 1.6mm)
  • Look at your coolant levels when the engine is cold and make sure it’s topped up
  • Make sure all your lights are working (ask someone to walk around the car)
  • Check the battery and make sure the terminals are clean and tight
  • Check your windscreen wash level and top up if necessary
  • Top up your brake fluid and test the brakes
  • Test your air conditioning and see whether you need a re-gas

If you're heading off on a long journey or road trip, then for peace of mind you may want to consider having a checkover carried out by your local Colin Appleyard branch.


Why choose us?

Colin Appleyard is a family owned & family run business for more than 50 years and know a thing or two about car safety!

As the UK’s first and longest serving car dealer, we provide comprehensive vehicle safety checks to help ensure safe travels. Safety checks is something we take very seriously come summer or winter road safety. So you can trust our family to look after yours.

Getting comprehensive summer safety checks from a reputable service centre can help identify any underlying issues you may not even be aware of. In many cases, these minor issue could cause real concerns at a later stage.

Our expert technicians check a range of components to see if they are safe and reliable.


Planning a road trip any time soon?

Make sure your car is up to the task by booking your Summer Health Check at Colin Appleyard (FREE if you're part of our service plan club).

Colin Appleyard customers who are part of our service plan club get a FREE summer health check as one of the many benefits (you can see full details of how our service plans work along with all the other benefits here)

If you'd like to find out more about our summer health checks, or would just like some advice on general maintenance or servicing, you can speak to a member of our Aftersales team at your local Colin Appleyard dealership.