What are the benefits of an electric car

Electric cars have seen a surge in recent years, with advances in technology and a greater range of models to choose between.

Electric cars, like the Nissan ARIYA, offer owners not only cheaper running costs but greatly reduce their carbon footprint thanks to 0g/km emissions.

So – what are some of the benefits of choosing an electric car, over a standard petrol or diesel vehicle?

Cheaper to run

In terms of day-to-day running, an electric car costs significantly less than its diesel or petrol counterparts - roughly 2p per mile to be exact. If we compare this to a petrol car averaging 40MPG with a fuel cost of £1.15 per litre, then it is over 4 times cheaper! 

The other consideration is maintenance, and as electric cars have no exhaust system, no oil changes are required either.

Zero Emissions

Electric cars themselves emit 0g/km CO2, but that’s not to say they are all carbon neutral. It has to be considered where that electricity comes from, but with ever increasing renewable energy resources in the UK, electric cars get closer and closer to the carbon neutral target.

Quick and Quiet

Most people who test drive an electric car, like the Nissan Leaf also, they are impressed with the acceleration power. This comes as no surprise when you consider that there are no gear changes required, so full power is applied from the get go. The lack of gear changes and combustion engine also means that an electric car’s ride is both smooth and quiet.

Home Charging

Not only is there an increasing number of charging stations throughout the UK for electric vehicles (with rapid charge points capable of topping up 80% of a battery in 30mins), the government also offer grants towards the installation of a charging point at your home. The grants cover up to 75% of the cost of installation, and give owners the convenience of topping up the ‘fuel’ in their electric car, overnight on their driveway.

Government Grants & Manufacturer Contributions

The UK government currently offers a £1,500 grant towards the purchase of an electric car, which helps reduce the initial costs of making the swap.

You can now save up to £2,700* on a brand new all-electric Nissan LEAF.(More information is available on the Nissan Leaf page.)