When it comes to servicing, we're constantly reminding our customers of the importance of getting it done regularly, not only in terms of safety but also to ensure that it remains roadworthy for as long as possible. Whilst we all love a bargain, your car is likely to be one of the most expensive things you own and economising when it comes to servicing can be counter-productive in getting your money’s worth.

When you book your car’s service with a manufacturer-approved dealership such as Colin Appleyard, you can rest assured that you are making the best choice for your vehicle’s lifespan, your own safety and your chances of protecting your investment. Here’s why…

Why do I need regular servicing?

Our cars are a big part of our daily lives and they undergo extensive wear and tear as time goes on. Your car might feel fine, but not all faults can be seen or heard, and many can go undetected without expert intervention. Cars need regular maintenance to ensure they are kept in good working order and are as safe as possible to be driven. 

Aside from the safety aspect, keeping up with the recommended servicing schedule protects your investment. The better you treat your car, the longer it will last. Regular servicing also safeguards the value of your car, should you plan to sell it on in future. A car with a full service history from a franchised dealership will likely be worth more than one without. 

Why is a car servicing from a dealership better? ​

Modern cars are complicated beasts. Without the extensive and regular training that our staff receive direct from the manufacturer, it would be impossible to provide a thorough service on your car. Our Master Technicians are highly knowledgeable, not only on the specific make and model of your vehicle, but also on the very latest technology and updates available. 

Rather than being jack-of-all-trades mechanics, our staff are skilled specialists. They can identify and repair faults quickly and efficiently using the most up-to-date diagnostic and monitoring equipment. Software upgrades and non-essential recall work is often fixed during your car’s service at no extra cost to you.  

What if my car needs repairs? 

As a main dealer we will only ever use genuine parts approved by the manufacturer for the specific make and model of your vehicle. Genuine parts also come with a parts and labour guarantee, which is not something that can be offered by a non-franchise dealer. 

If your car is out of warranty at the time of needing repairs, the manufacturer is far more likely to provide a “goodwill repair” if the car’s servicing has been carried out at an official dealership. Likewise, in the event of a major recall, only official, franchised dealerships can carry out this the work on behalf on the manufacturer. 

Do I have to visit the same dealership for my car’s servicing?

You can take your car for its service at any official, franchised dealership so if you relocate, or your car needs its service away from home, you can still keep up to date with it's scheduled servicing. Colin Appleyard alone has four Suzuki and two Subaru sites along with a Nissan dealership so plenty of options depending on your location.

The additional benefit of using the services of a franchised dealership is that you also have the back-up of an entire, nationwide dealer network. Any work that we carry out on your car comes with a 12 month / unlimited mileage guarantee, so if there is any subsequent fault you can visit any other franchise dealer and get it repaired free of charge.

What do I get for my money when I book a service with Colin Appleyard? 

The Colin Appleyard Service Price Promise is simple and transparent with no hidden extras. We are committed to offering you value for money with a package that includes alternative transport, complimentary wash and vacuum and a complimentary vehicle health check on every visit. You get an expertise that you simply cannot find elsewhere. 

By investing in car servicing at Colin Appleyard, you are doing the absolute best you can to maintain your car’s health, protect its longevity and save yourself money in the long term. We also offer service plans, enabling you to manage the cost of servicing through fixed price, interest free monthly payments so you maintain regular care servicing without the worry. 



If you would like to discuss anything relating to your car's servicing needs, or want more information on our service plans to help you budget then simply get in touch with your local Colin Appleyard dealership. Our experienced and friendly team are on hand to help.