Motorcycle Routes UK

Specialists in motorcycling for over 45 years, we are passionate about our trade and work to help our clients enjoy motorcycling as much as we do ourselves.  

Over the years we have spent working with motorcycles and motorcyclists, we have developed an expert knowledge of the best motorcycle routes in the UK. As big motorcycling fans ourselves, we are only too happy to share those routes with you, perhaps providing you with a great route you didn’t know about!  

Here we present the Colin Appleyard guide to what we think are some of the best UK motorcycle routes.

Some of the other most notable UK motorcycle tour routes include:

• The Horseshoe Pass, A542 North Wales

• The A82, Glasgow to Inverness

• The A4117, Clee Hill, Shropshire

If you need any accessories or parts before you head out on one of our recommended routes, be sure to pop into our dealership in Keighley to make sure you are fully stocked!