Everything You Need To Know About Motability

There are currently over 630,000 people enjoying the benefits of Motability and potentially a further1 million people in the UK who are eligible to receive a new car through Motability but have not yet joined the scheme.

The Motability Scheme helps those who receive a qualifying mobility allowance to get mobile by exchanging it for a new car every 3 years with all the insurance and servicing costs covered.

Why Are There So Many People Who Have Not Yet Joined?

Following a welfare reform in 2013, a new system of disability benefits (PIP) was introduced to replace what was formerly Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Personal independence payment (PIP) is for people aged 16-64 and is split into 2 parts: -

  • The first element of PIP applies to those who need help taking part in everyday life
  • The second is for those who find it difficult to get around

This means that it's not only for those with physical disabilities. In fact, only 50% of PIP recipients will be awarded their benefit based on a physical disability alone with a further 30% awarded to those with both physical and mental health conditions and the remaining 20% awarded to those who suffer with a mental health condition.

Those who have not previously qualified for PIP, may not be aware that the payment can be exchanged for the lease of a brand new car with all the costs covered.

The Motability Scheme gives recipients of PIP the opportunity to benefit from worry free motoring which we know for some could be life changing.

Why Join?

When you join the Motability Scheme you get more than just the car of your choice, you get to enjoy all the freedom of owning a car but without any hassle or worry.

It’s all inclusive – we arrange the insurance, breakdown assistance, servicing and maintenance and what's more, this is all included. We take care of everything so you can just add fuel and be on your way!

Your choice – you get to pick the car that best suits you and your needs with the help of our experienced team. They will advise you on which cars are available to choose from across our Suzuki and Nissan ranges and arrange a test drive.

Hassle-free experience – we'll do everything for you. Once we've helped you choose the right car, and when you’re ready, we’ll complete your order and all the paperwork on your behalf. Then you’re good to go!


From small & compact to spacious family SUVs and sporty estates, there's something to suit everyone. Take a look at what's available from Suzuki.


Packed with the latest technology & driver aids, plus the option to go all-electric, check out our range of Nissan Motability cars.​


As most new cars move from traditional petrol & diesel engines, we now offer a great selection of Hybrid and also electric cars on the Motability scheme. Click here to find out more.

The benefits of joining the Motability scheme

When you join the Motability scheme, you'll benefit from all of the following: -

  • A new car of your choice every 3 years
  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance for up to 3 named drivers
  • Servicing and maintenance repairs due to wear & tear
  • Full breakdown assistance
  • Annual road tax
  • Replacement tyres supplied and fitted by us
  • Window and windscreen repair
  • Vehicle adaptions - arranged by us (with many adaptions included under the scheme

What else do you need to know?

​There's not much more you need to know but you will need to make sure you're happy with all the scheme's terms and conditions before you go ahead. We'll ask you to make sure: -

  • The car is only used by, or for the benefit of, the person who is awarded the allowance. This does not mean that this person has to be in the car at all times but that the car is being used for their benefit
  • The car is only be used by the named drivers detailed on the Certificate of Motor Insurance
  • The vehicle is not used for business purposes

You must also advise the Motability scheme of any changes to your circumstances or changes to the named drivers immediately. You will be asked to sign a 'statement of responsibilities and suitability' to confirm that you understand and agree to follow the terms and conditions for using your Motability car.


Act now to avoid delays

There is currently an issue affecting the supply of new cars due to a Worldwide shortage of semiconductor chips which are used within most electrical items. These 'chips' feature in all new cars and the shortage is expected to continue some way into 2022. Added to this has been staff shortages as a result of Covid-19 lockdowns and isolation requirements which has had a wider impact on car manufacturing.

If you are looking to order a Motability car (whether this is your first Motability car or a renewal), we would recommend that you contact your local Colin Appleyard as soon as you can to reduce the risk of any delays. We'll be able to advise you which cars are available to order from the manufacturer and of the expected arrival dates.

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Is your Motability car due for renewal?

If you are renewing your Motability lease and your new car is unlikely to be delivered before the end of your current lease, we can assist you in arranging an extension until your new car is ready.

You’ll just need to make sure you’ve completed the MOT on your current vehicle before the end of your original lease. You will not be eligible to extend your lease unless this is done.

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