Why Come To Us

Why come to us? Established since 1971, we've built our reputation on firm foundations and by putting our customers first. Our long-serving and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer any queries you might have.

"Stuart Feeny at Colin Appleyard today borrowed an under-seat Utopia brace from a trike for sale and installed it in my bike, no charge. Damn generous and nice of him! Great guy. It makes the back rest day-night better of course but the service.. it's a wow. It's also a wow dealership, you should see the inventory of bikes and accessories. No one in Toronto has as much and Toronto is a big, rich city."

"This is a serious dealership and I do know retail. Great people as in overwhelmingly helpful and kind/generous. Even by US/Canada standards. Barry handles the GL1800s there and really knows his stuff, took so much time to help us out - he gave us maps and tips and he spotted an exhaust leak and fixed it immediately free of charge. What a great, super-competent guy. We were just blown away by these guys."

"The service and parts departments were great too. We found a few little things we'd been looking for during last few weeks, great luck on several fronts."

Peter Sever