Suzuki Swift Showdown: New Swift vs. Old Swift

So the brand new Suzuki Swift is here, and despite its subtle changes in looks - there's quite a different car under the shell. So, in a game of thrones, will it be the new or old Suzuki Swift that is crowned king of the north? Will it be the old god or the new?

Game of thrones puns aside (though they were pretty good right?), we know that it's important to do your research when buying a car. It's the second largest investment you'll make, trumped only by a house purchase. So in this blog article, we pitch the new Suzuki Swift against the old model, and find out which is worth the investment.

Side by Side Comparison (Mid-spec model)

Model 2016 Swift SZ3 1.2 5dr 2017 Swift SZ-T 1.0 Boosterjet 5dr
Price £11,499 £12,499*
Fuel Consumption (Combined) 56mpg 61mpg
Power 92bhp 109bhp
Maximum Torque 118nm 170nm
0-60mph 11.9s 10.3s
CO2 Emissions 116g/km 104g/km
Weight 1020kg 915kg
Length 3850mm 3840mm
Width 1695mm 1735mm
Turning Circle 10m 9m
Luggage Capacity 211 litres 265 litres

How much would it cost you to travel across Westeros in the new Swift?

One Game of Thrones fan has used a map of Westeros and knowledge of the series to calculate the distances between certain destinations in the fictional world. We've used these distances to calculate how much it would cost you to get there in the new Swift (SZ5 1.0 Boosterjet SHVS), and lets face it.. it would be a lot more comfortable than travelling by horse and carriage or dragon:

Casterly Rock to King's Landing (830 miles): £66.40

King's Landing to Winterfell (1460 miles): £116.80

Winterfell to Castle Black (650 miles): £52.00

Meereen to Yunkai (145 miles): £11.60


*Includes £500 deposit contribution currently available on the Swift SZ-T & SZ5. Please visit the model page for more information.