AeroMobil can fly 430 miles on a tank of petrol

It might fit right into a usual parking space, when its wings fold down
Company claims layout is 'production ready' and can go on sale in 2017

It has been a sci-fi fantasy for decades - a car that could only take to the air in order to avoid traffic.
Nevertheless, a Slovakian firm has said it has finally cracked the difficulty - and it is going to sell in it merely two years.
The AeroMobil can fly 430 miles on a tank of petrol - and it will fit right into a standard parking space, when its wings fold down.

Aeromobil is a 'flying car' that opens doors to actual door-to-door, and absolutely utilizes existing infrastructure created for automobiles and planes travel,' the business says.

It might fit into a standard parking space, when in its car setup, and it also takes regular fuel pumped at every service station.
'It has become finalised and has been since October 2014 in standard flight-testing system in real flight conditions,' the firm said.

At South By Southwest, Juraj Vaculik, co founder and CEO of AeroMobil, spoke at a panel concerning the future of flying cars, predicting a world in which these vehicles readily merge with present transport ahead.

He says it will be on sale in 2017, and that the business was also having a self driving (and flying) version.
Tatiana Veber, a AeroMobil spokesman said: 'We have been developing the idea of a flying car since 1990.
'Our first model looked rather weird plus it'd have problems in the normal use.

'That was a signal to improve the idea of the flying car in a way to become an integrated part of the regular road traffic.
'We got a positive feedback in avionics, which appreciated the technical solution of the process of transformation and design from several specialists.

'The automobile is constructed to be fuelled at standard gas stations using the fuel for Rotax 912 ULS engine.'
AeroMobil says its third prototype is prepared to be revealed to the world this October 29 th at the Pioneers Festival in Austria.

The company has also released a video of it in actions, driving through city streets afterward taking to the air.
Nevertheless, layout continues to be imperfect - the wings fold to the back seat behind the driver when in car mode.