If you're interested in greener driving, and the lower costs that come with it, there's great news from the world of Suzuki cars.

Last month, the Swift picked up a silver award in annual The Green Apple Awards, a ceremony held at the House of Commons to salute the most environmentally friendly motors in the UK. Judged by a team of knowledgeable motoring writers, the awards aren't just based on the raw numbers of emissions and fuel economy, but also on the experience of owning and driving.

The silver award in the Supermini category makes it all the more special, making it not only one of the greenest cars in Britain at the moment, but also one that people want to own.

One judge told Suzuki that the Swift is "Reasonably frugal but balances that by being a hoot to drive while remaining a really honest car; there’s nothing pretentious about the model, it just looks good, is well built, has plenty of kit and sips at the fuel no matter how much fun you’re having". We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

There's more good news for the Suzuki Swift, with the announcement that it will be available in a 1.2 litre Dauljet version, with CO2 emissions of 99g/km, putting it firmly in the zero road tax bracket. At 65.7mpg, it'll also mean you go much further between filling stations.

Car Magazine have already had the benefit of a test drive in the new Dualjet Swift and seem incredibly pleased with it. "Suzuki's hit the spot with the Dualjet… and we can see why Suzuki’s now sold four million Swifts globally since launch a decade ago," Tim Pollard writes.
"Do the maths: if you’re going to own the car for more than three years, you’ll be quids in. You’ll be buying a good-looking, well-engineered supermini that’s a solid alternative to the more obvious VW Polo/Ford Fiesta choices," Car Magazine concludes.

One final bit of Swift news that has got the lads at Top Gear frothing over their real ale: There's going to be a Swift Sport hot hatch! Unfortunately, you're going to have to wait until 2017 to find out what it's like.