Husqvarna have blown us away with their new concept bikes, Vit Pilen (White Arrow in English) and the Svart Pilen (Black Arrow, of course). The Swedish marque have been through the wars a bit over the past few years, but now they find themselves under the wing of KTM, it seems that they’re preparing to come back with a bang. 

Both bikes share a frame, based on KTM’s Duke 390, and they’re both packing the same 373cc, 43bhp engine. They also both feature a beautiful dual LED headlight, with a halo ring around the bezel. Unveiled at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, the bikes were designed for Husky by the renowned industrial designers, Kiska. 

The Vit Pilen is a street oriented beast, with a low profile, semi-slick tyres and a swept back seat, and we’d love to be able to get our hands on this for a quick blast around the track. 

The Svart Pilen has its sights set on the wider world, with a more upright position, street legal knobbly rubber, a high exhaust for great clearance skid plates, and racks. In fact, styling wise, if they were to ever remake the Great Escape, the Svart Pilen would be the perfect bike to replace Steve McQueen's iconic Triumph TR6. 

The inspiration for both machines is the classic ’55 Silverpilen, the bike that led to a whole generation of young Swedes learning how to tune their bikes. The basic 175cc, 9.5hp model was ripe for all manner of upgrades, and soon enough budding engineers were bolting 250cc engines into theirs. 

It’s nice to see KTM doing something experimental with Husqvarna. They’ve long been renowned for being the best at what they do, but these past few years have been difficult, although they’ve still put together an excellent range, which you can test ride at your nearest Colin Appleyard dealership. Fingers crossed you’ll be able to test ride Vit and Svart Pilen in the coming years!