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rsz_1nissan_townpod_01__mid.jpgMore big news from the world of Nissan, where their mission to make the driving experience better, greener and more economical just doesn't stop.
The big news from the Far East is that the company have teamed up with their rivals at Mitsubishi to build a new electric car that should appear by 2016. According to the Japanese Nikkei financial news website, the new vehicle – a fifty-fifty venture between the two companies – will cost somewhere in the region of US$15,000 (around £10,000).
There's a distinct lack of budget electric cars on the market – our very own Nissan Leaf retails for around £13,240, so a vehicle that breaks through the price barrier into the mass market will be a game changer as far as green motoring goes.
It's not entirely straightforward, however. Electric cars are a triumph of modern technology, and sit on the cutting edge of available research into electric motors, lighter lithium-ion batteries and super-fast charging. All this doesn't come cheap, and the Mitsubishi / Nissan venture is looking for ways of doing this more efficiently and cheaper to bring about a shift in electric car pricing.
Even if the new, unnamed, car is only sold in Japan as some analysts fear, the fact that sufficient new technology exists to bring about a micro-sized electric vehicle is certain to make developers bring about versions for the US and European markets.
It's encouraging news, and the world of cheap, green motoring will soon be open to many more drivers. But if you want to try it now, the Nissan Leaf is still eminently affordable, and costs a crazy 2p per mile to run, with zero road tax. Charge it overnight for cheaper motoring, it really drives down the price of running a car. We can even offer credit deals from only £149 per month, subject to status.
Come along to Colin Appleyard and ask for a 24 hour test drive in the amazing Nissan Leaf. With impressive service deals and a growing network of charging points all over the country, electric motoring with Nissan is the way ahead.