Colin Appleyard Motorcycles customer Kevin Percival couldn’t believe his luck recently when he WON a brand-new Yamaha MT-125!

Kevin had entered a competition at Motorcycle Live in November and collected the exciting new 2020 machine on a gloriously sunny day, from our Keighley Motorcycle store last week. It was also a tale of two Kevin’s as Kevin received the bike from store manager Kevin Feeny.

Keen motorcyclist Kevin is an Appleyard regular and will be giving the machine to his wife; so that they can ride together.

The MT-125 is a superb machine for both commuting and as a first bike, so it's no suprise that this Yamaha is one of our most popular small bikes. Equipped with tech usually found on much larger machinery, including variable valve timing to give it more usable torque, the MT-125 scores highly on looks and spec, yet still attracts very low insurance rates.

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