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We know that technology moves quickly and this is no exception for cars. With all the acronyms and jargon out there, it can be difficult to know what it all means. Matt, one of our senior salesman who has worked for Colin Appleyard for over 25 years and certainly knows his stuff, explains it all in our terminology translator.

Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

What is Apple CarPlay / Android Auto? Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto function in the same way by enabling you to plug your phone into car via the USB cable connection, which gives you access to a select number of apps on your phone from the vehicles media screen. Apps such as Maps, Spotify and Podcasts. The idea is that you can access your favourite music, make calls and answer texts by using voice commands instead of your hands.

You can activate them with Apple CarPlay using 'Siri' and with Android Auto using 'Google Now'. You have to press the speech button or microphone on your steering wheel to access them, although with Apple CarPlay you can just say "Hey Siri" to get started.

  • Vehicle theft deadlocks

    What are Deadlocks? A deadlock is a device aimed to prevent thieves gaining access to your car from via the doors. Once it is in the locked position, it can't be moved by poking a device through the gap to attempt to open the door.

  • Dual Camera Brake Support
    Dual Camera Brake Support

    What is Dual Camera Brake Support? Dual Camera Brake Support uses two cameras located behind the rear view mirror to monitor the road ahead for potential collisions. It will make an audible warning then apply the brakes if necessary.

  • EBD in Subaru Forester

    What is EBD? Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) is always coupled with ABS to apply more or less braking to each wheel to stop the car more effectively whilst maintaining control.

  • ESP Suzuki Ignis

    What is ESP? Every new car sold since 2014 in Europe has come fitted with Electronic Stability Program or ESP. It helps keep the car under control and reduce accidents by using sensors fitted throughout.


What is an e-Pedal? The e-Pedal is new Nissan technology available in the Nissan LEAF which allows the driver to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop using just the accelerator pedal.

When your lift your foot off the pedal it mimics braking and slows the vehicle down even allowing the car to come to a complete stop. You turn the e-pedal on via a button on the vehicle console, so if it's not your thing you can just leave it turned off.

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Intelligent Around View Monitor

What is Intelligent Around View Monitor? Intelligent Around View Monitor provides a birds eye view, 360 degrees view of the vehicles surrounds to aid in parking and maneuvering the vehicle. An upgrade from the standard front / rear facing counterparts, the Around View Monitor uses a series of cameras from different angles which are then combined together to provide a virtual 360 degrees view around the vehicle.

It's important to note that the cameras don't eliminate every blind spot, but instead assist with the drivers own visual. Care must still be taken to judge any moving objects or potential obstacles.

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  • Lane departure warning
    Lane Departure Warning

    What is Lane Departure Warning? The Lane Departure Warning system gives an audible alert (and displays a light on the dashboard) when the vehicle strays from its lane either on a motorway or normal road with a central white line.

  • memory-seat
    Memory Seat

    What is a Memory Seat? A memory seat as an electrically adjustable car seat which can be moved into a pre-set position at the touch of a button once it has been programmed into the system. Helpful when you have more than 1 driver of a car!

  • Nissan Chassis Control
    Nissan Chassis Control

    What is Nissan Chassis Control? This is Nissan technology and a combination of Intelligent Ride Control, Intelligent Trace Control and Intelligent Engine Brake. The ride control helps when driving over uneven surfaces and the engine brake adds additional braking to help the driver.

  • Nissan intelligent key o
    Nissan i-key

    What is Nissan i-key? Nissan's i-key or Intelligent Key allows for keyless entry and start to the vehicle and also prevents the key from being locked inside it by detecting its location, avoiding a trip out from a recovery company!

PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)

What is PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)? PCP or Personal Contract Purchase is a form of car financing which offers buyers a lower monthly payment then a HP agreement but the vehicle is not owned by the end of the term. A GFV (Guaranteed Future Value) is calculated at the start of the agreement and at the end of the finance term a customer can either pay that final "balloon" payment off, or trade the vehicle in for another car. Alternatively, the vehicle can just be handed back to the finance company, but there are strict rules that must be adhered such as the vehicle condition and mileage and you could end up with a bill to pay if the vehicle's mileage is over the pre-agreed limit or if there is more damage than the expected wear and tear.

A PCP agreement is great for individuals who wish to change their car every 2-4 years but can not afford the monthly payments of a HP (Hire Purchase) agreement.

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  • Propilot

    What is ProPilot? ProPilot is a driver assistance system which enhances the driver’s control of the vehicle by assisting with steering, acceleration and braking. It's designed to make motorway driving easier and less stressful and can be used on single lane and dual carriageways.

  • Radar brake support light
    Radar Brake Support Light

    What is the Radar Brake Support Light? Radar Brake Support is the same as Dual Camera Brake Support. The warning light on the dashboard for Radar Brake Support can be triggered by dirt or severe weather conditions, particularly when it's snowing. It will light up and sometimes beep to indicate that the sensor needs cleaning.

  • Suzuki service indicator light
    Service Light Indicator

    What is the Service Light Indicator? The Service Light Indicator on Suzuki vehicles is often displayed as the word 'Oil' with a spanner next to it. This simply means that the service is due on your vehicle. If you are concerned about a dashboard light, then contact your local service department before tackling the issue yourself.

  • Shvs

    What is SHVS? SHVS (or Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) refers to Suzuki's mild-hybrid system designed to lower CO2 emissions and improve fuel economy through the use of a small battery combined with the standard engine.


What is TPMS? The purpose of the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in your vehicle, is to warn you if one of more of your tyres has dropped in pressure. A light will appear on your dashboard (pictured) warning you of a change in your tyre pressures. This may be due to a puncture, or frequently can just be a change in weather conditions.

Top your tyre pressures up to the correct level (you may also need to reset the warning in your vehicles settings) to see whether the light disappears. If it doesn't, then you may have a puncture and will need to contact your local dealer.

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