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If you're looking to part-exchange your vehicle, then we can help you here at Colin Appleyard. We know everyone's time is precious, so not only do we believe we can offer you the best price for your current vehicle, we also have fantastic deals available on new cars and bikes to save you both time and money. Did you know that you can also part-exchange your car for a motorcycle, or motorcycle for a car? We take the stress and hassle out of selling your vehicle privately first.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, however you will need to be aware of the equity in your part-exchange. For example, if you have £2,500 outstanding finance and your car is worth £5,000 then you will have £2,500 equity towards your new vehicle. However, if your outstanding finance is £5,000, but your car is only worth £4,000 then you will be £1,000 in negative equity which will either need to be paid off, or (if possible) transferred onto the finance of your new vehicle.
  • Yes. If your part-exchange is worth more than the car you wish to purchase (and you have no outstanding finance), then you can purchase the vehicle in full and we will refund the difference back to you.
  • Yes! Colin Appleyard are in the unique position that we have both car and motorcycle branches so you can part-exchange your car for a bike or bike for a car.

What is my part-exchange worth?

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