The Scooter Centre

If you're 16 or older, you're going to enjoy and remember your first motorcycle/scooter - we've all been there. We are here to help with advice, training and support to ensure that you make the right choices to suit your needs. Getting on to a scooter or motorcycle makes a great deal of sense, whether it's to get you to your job, college, or you just want to reduce the cost of your commuting.

What ever the reason, it will give you the freedom of choice to get about at a time of day which suits you.No more waiting for that bus or train that never comes. Or planning your day to fit into a bus timetable, or even your parent’s timetable. They've spent the last 16 years plus transporting you about, maybe it's time to gain your independence and do it yourself.

To help start you off, here are a few things you’re going to want to know:

Driving Licence

You’re going to need a driving licence before you can get on the road. You can apply for your first licence up to 6 weeks prior to your sixteenth birthday. If you're already a car user and are considering a scooter/motorcycle for commuting, your driving licence should already have moped and motorcycle learner entitlement on it. If you're not sure, call into one of our branches and ask our staff to check your licence for you.


You will have to complete your basic training before you can ride on the road; remember, it’s a training course, not a test.The training is in four segments, all usually completed in a day with the help of our instructors.


We all need insurance to ride or drive our vehicles on the road. However, as car insurance costs spirals ever higher, almost out of the reach of young or first-time drivers,it’s nice to know that we can offer you; low-cost subsidised, and in some cases even free insurance with your new learner motorcycle/scooter depending on your choice of machine. Our deals are changing all the time, to give you the best choice possible, so check out all our latest offers on the website. Or better still; call in at our Keighley showroom for a chat with our staff who are only too pleased to help with any questions you may have or advice you may need.