Motorcycle & Trike Touring Tips

There's nothing quite like the experience of touring on a bike, whatever make or model it is, but no bike is better suited to touring than a Goldwing or Trike.

Here’s what you should carry on your Goldwing when abroad:

  • First-aid kit
  • Tool and bulb kit (ensure you have the tools to remove a wheel)
  • Warning triangle (one per group)
  • Reflective vest (for France and Spain) Note: this must be worn if on a hard-shoulder (ie. breakdown, bird watching or otherwise)  
  • Breathalyzer (must be carried in France I would recommend carrying two)

Essential documents:

  • Driving license - both parts (or international if held)
  • Motor insurance certificate (stating European cover)
  • Vehicle registration document, and MOT if required (Note: all the above documents MUST NOT be photocopies. Always take a copy of your documents before you set off and leave these copies at home)
  • EHIC NHS Medical Card (E111) [online registration form]

Other useful items:

  • European breakdown cover
  • Medical insurance and travel insurance
  • Maps or GPS, (if using a GPS, carry maps as well)
  • Phrase books
  • Credit/debit card PIN numbers
  • Euros in cash

Prepare your bike:

  • A service before you set off, ask for your brake pads to be checked
  • Check your tires (You must have at least 2mm when leaving Germany)
  • Ultra seal your tires (or carry a suitable sealant or repair kit)
  • Take your spare key (don't carry it in the bike)
  • If your 'wing is less than 2 years old, carry your service book (for any warranty problems)

Final details:

Carry contact details of your next of kin, let your fellow travelers, or group leader know if you or your passengers have any medical conditions, also inform Hotels if you have any special dietary requirements. It will improve your holiday. If you're unsure of anything else, contact our Goldwing experts.