Thinking about selling or part-exchanging your current car?

With the current rise in used car values there's never been a better time and we're promising to offer the very best values on all used cars! Read on to find out why you'll get a better price for your car when you choose Colin Appleyard!

What cars do we buy?

Those of you who know Colin Appleyard will be aware that we are authorised new car retailers for Suzuki, Nissan and Subaru but when it comes to buying used cars we will consider (almost) any make and model providing you can drive it to the dealership and it has a valid MOT certificate. We are always on the lookout for good quality cars of all ages and prices so don't be afraid to ask us for a valuation!

With the effects of the pandemic still apparent, and a global shortage of semiconductor chips having an effect on the supply of new cars, second-hand cars have never been more sought after. The used car market is booming and values are at an all-time high.

Why Colin Appleyard?

As a franchised dealer and having been in business for over 50 years, we understand how the car market works. We know that used cars have increased in value and we recognise that so won't try to pay less than a car is really worth. We've got all the knowledge and an experienced team of used car specialists to value cars accurately.

  • Money

    We’ll pay top price for your car

    As a franchised dealer we understand just how good these cars are.

    We’re prepared to pay exactly what they’re worth, and if you're an existing customer and we've been looking after you car we'll know just how well it's been looked after!

  • Personal
    It's Personal

    Personalised valuations every time

    We take into consideration the condition, the mileage & your car's service history before we look at the value.

    We'll give you a ‘real valuation’ and not just an automated guide price - every car is different so we'll look at each one on an individual basis.

  • Stress
    No Haggling. No Hassle

    We provide a simple, hassle free process

    As long the car has been described accurately then there won't be any haggling over the price (unlike some well-known car buying companies we know!)

    We can also settle any existing finance and take away this often stressful process.

  • Hiddem Fee
    No Fees

    Our final valuation is the price we'll pay.

    There are no hidden fees and no admin fees when it comes to us buying your car.

    The agreed valuation is the amount we'll pay without deducting any costs or charging you for the priveledge. Your funds will be sent by a bank transfer

How do we work out the value of your car?

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When a car is brought to our dealership we can carry out a full visual inspection and take the car for a test drive but when it's a valuation without being able to do this we will base it on the description and information you provide.

Once we have this information, or have carried out an inspection, we will value your car based on the following: -

Showroom Condition

An example of a car in showroom condition: -

  • requires no reconditioning work
  • paint work is free from scratches, chips & dents, interior/exterior trim & wheels are unmarked
  • tyres need to have a minimum of 6mm tread across the face of the tyre
  • in original factory condition with all keys & a documented service history, warranted mileage, minimum 6-month MOT & max of 2 owners

Average Condition

An example of an average condition car: -

  • may need a small amount of reconditioning work, including mechanical and/or paintwork, relative to the vehicle age and mileage
  • has a documented service history
  • has a valid MOT certificate
  • all keys are present

Below Average Condition

An example of a below average condition car: -

  • requires mechanical and/or bodywork repairs
  • has a limited service history
  • has a valid MOT certificate
  • can be driven to the dealership for inspection

How much is my car worth?

To get a free, no obligation valuation on your car all you need to do is complete our form with details of your vehicle and once we've had a look we'll get in touch with you. There's no pressure and we can do this via email if you'd prefer (although we do find that when we talk to the owners we are usually able to give a better valuation as this gives us the chance to get as much information as possible about your car).

Complete the form below to submit a request and don't forget to include as much detail as possible as this all helps.

Please tick those which apply to your car from the following list

Please note - all our valuations are looked at on an individual basis. We will look at all the information you supply & provide you with a personalised valuation based on your vehicle & not just a computer generated result. To find out more about how we value your car click here.

Please select your closest or preferred Colin Appleyard dealership
Please include any information you feel will assist us in providing your with an accurate valuation on your vehicle.

New Car Supply – Update (Sept 21)

The effects of COVID have been seen across most industries and car production is no exception, mostly due to the shortage of semiconductor chips which are essential in all modern electrics.

There’s no cause for panic and we are currently in a better position than most (particularly when it comes to new Suzuki cars) however we would urge anyone who is thinking about their next new car to contact us sooner rather than later especially if the finance agreement or lease is due to come to an end in the next 6 months. As current stock reduces there is likely to be an average of an 8-12 week wait for most new cars and those who have ordered in advance will be first in line for deliveries.