Ariya Concept - 100% Electric Crossover SUV

Say hello to the new Nissan electric crossover concept car - the Ariya. Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, this new model will come into being as a production model within the 12 months. Shorter, but wider than the Nissan X-Trail it was previously labelled a LEAF SUV.

Power and Range

Nissan have said that the new Ariya will have an intelligent 4WD system to deliver great performance in corners and off-road. Details on the battery capacity and power are unconfirmed currently, but it's rumoured that the Ariya could have a range of up to 373 miles with a power output of 423bhp. We should know more in the coming months, along with the battery charging times.

Noise-Reduction Technology

Nissan, ever the innovators, have always been at the forefront of technology in their vehicles, with the Ariya being no different.

Nissan engineers have come up with a lightweight, acoustic meta-material whose novel structure efficiently absorbs sound vibrations to cut road noise inside cars. The makeup of the new material is simple, but it weighs in at 25% of the current setup while providing the same degree of sound isolation.

Plus, Nissan Intelligent Mobility gives you everything you need at your fingertips.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility & ProPILOT

Additional technology on the Ariya includes the ability to sync with a driver’s diary to pre-heat or cool the car ready for anticipated journeys, a Virtual Personal Assistant, a video chat function and over-the-air updates. Plus, the accompanying mobile app will provide useful information about the car including current battery capacity/range. ProPILOT technology already exists within other cars in the range including the Qashqai and LEAF, which automatically keeps pace with the flow of traffic on the motorway.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility also makes easy work of tight parking spots. Just push the ProPILOT Park button and the car will glide effortlessly into the parking space.

Nissan Ariya Price

No pricing has yet been announced from Nissan, so any stated figures are purely speculation. All we can say is that the model will cost more than the Nissan LEAF but will likely offer very good value for money.