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Eco-friendly cars are on more and more buyers’ wish lists. Later this year, the Subaru XV and Forester will be available as an e-BOXER self-charging hybrid vehicle.

Expect the same, permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive go-anywhere capability and the same great handling. The same, ever dependable rugged reliability and the very latest advanced driver assistance systems and passenger safety technologies, including EyeSight.

Subaru has created its first hybrid drivetrain balancing traditional and modern technologies. In the new Forester eBoxer, you’ll find the famous Subaru petrol boxer engine coupled with an electric motor that work seamlessly together. When pulling away or driving at slow speeds in traffic, the battery-powered electric motor drives the car in EV mode. When you accelerate or drive under increased load (climbing a hill, for example), the petrol engine kicks in automatically to give the car a boost.

When you brake, the e-BOXER uses regenerative braking to take the energy from the car’s movement to recharge the battery. Reviewers have found that the switch between EV and petrol modes is fairly undetectable.

“If you’re stuck in traffic, or pulling away, or even when you back off the throttle on a downhill section, the EV system gently takes over without you realising.” – Paul Cowland

If you need to go a little quicker, the engine comes to life seamlessly and the onboard computer allocates the extra power where it’s needed. The dashboard display shows you where the power is being used and when it switches between EV and petrol motors.

The added technology doesn’t detract from the driving experience and all you need to do is fill up as normal to enjoy a more efficient and rewarding drive.

The e-BOXER range will soon be available at our Huddersfield and Ashton-under-Lyne dealerships.

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New forester

“The Forester is an impressively capable and practical SUV ... if you need a spacious go-anywhere SUV then it’s well worth looking at.” Auto Trader

“The Subaru XV e-Boxer is a good car – its depth of engineering, great build quality, impressive safety tech and rugged yet forgiving character shine through on and off-road.” Auto Express

“The new Forester is a refreshing change in the SUV world – favouring durability, exceptional practicality and off-road ability over a premium interior… the levels of standard safety kit are outstanding … the Forester still makes for an excellent family SUV with go-anywhere ability.” Aol