As a relatively niche and lesser known brand, Subaru doesn't always appear on a car buyer's shopping list and whilst we know all there is to know about the advanced features and technology we realise that most people don't, so we're here to change that and tell you all about why Subaru cars really do live up to their claim of being 'better where it matters'.


Subaru believes world class-safety is essential and not an optional extra which is why all of their cars are fitted with a wide range of innovative safety features and boasting the very best Euro NCAP safety ratings, it's proof that Subaru know what they're doing when it comes to keeping you and your passengers safe.

  • Safety Cabin protecting layout 2 1024x682
    Cabin Protecting Layout

    The low-mounted engine and gearbox are designed to absorb any impact impact safely as well as dropping to protect the occupant's legs in the event of any front end collision.

  • Safety SRS Airbags 2 1024x682
    SRS Airbags

    Subaru cars feature a combination of front, front side, curtain and knee SRS Airbags. These are all positioned to provide passengers with a higher level of protection should a collision occur.

  • Safety Whiplash reducing seats 2 1024x682
    Whiplash Reduction

    The front seats are designed using rigid frames & firm headrests along with energy absorbing mounts to help reduce the chances of suffering whiplash from a rear end collision.

  • Safety ISOFIX 2 1024x682
    ISOFIX Adapted Child Seat Anchors

    With Subaru's anchoring system, you'll have peace of mind that any ISOFIX compliant seat can be fitted safely and quickly to secure children into the car ready for any journey.

  • The Driver Monitoring System warns the driver should the system detect the driver’s eyes shutting or looking aside for extended periods of time.
  • The Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection uses sensors to alert you of vehicles in your blind spots, helping avoid potential collisions when changing lanes or reversing.
  • When reversing, four sensors found in the rear bumper detect objects and obstructions behind you. Should something be detected, the Reverse Automatic Braking system will alert you and/or automatically apply the brakes to avoid a collision or reduce damage.
  • Front, Rear and Side View Monitors display a feed from external cameras on your vehicle to assist in any maneuver, including parking.
  • High Beam Assist and Automatic Steering Responsive Headlights ensure maximum visibility without dazzling oncoming traffic. Not only will the lights follow you into a corner, they will switch on automatically when darkness is detected.
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control System and Active Torque Vectoring keep you on the right track through an array of sensors, which monitor and analyses your vehicle and its intended course. Should your car approach the stability of your course, the AWD distribution, engine output and brakes at each wheel will be adjusted.

Eyesight Driver Assist Technology

Eyesight Driver Assist technology scans the road ahead and surrounding area to highlight any potential dangers by using a combination of the following...

  • Safety Pre Collision braking 2 1024x682
    Pre-Collision Braking System

    The Pre-Collision Braking system warns the driver of a potential collision via a light on the dashboard and a sounded alert. If action isn’t taken, brakes are applied automatically.

  • Safety Pre Collision Throtle Management 2 1024x682
    Pre-Collision Throttle Management

    The Pre-Collision Throttle Management gives both a visual and an audible warning should drive be selected instead of reverse when the vehicle is parked facing an obstacle.

  • Safety Adaptive Cruise Control 2 1024x682
    Adaptive Cruise Control

    Adaptive Cruise Control allows you to set both vehicle speed and a distance from the vehicle in front. By constantly monitoring distance and speed, the system will adjust to the flow of traffic.

  • Safety Lane Sway Departure Warning 2 1024x682
    Lane Sway Departure Warning

    The Lane Sway Departure Warning alerts the driver should the car start to sway or change lane without signalling preventing a potential collision particularly useful when driving on a motorway.

  • Safety Lane Keep Assist 2 1024x682
    Lane Keep Assist

    If you deviate from the lane, Lane Keep Assist will gently correct your steering to keep you within the lane you are driving in again assisting in the prevention of a potential collision.

  • Safety Lead vehicle start alert 2 1024x682
    Lead Vehicle Start Alert

    Lastly, Lead Vehicle Start Alert will alert the driver if the vehicle ahead has started to move away when you haven't. A handy function whilst you're sat in stationary traffic.


Confidence in your cars handling, regardless of the weather condition, is key. With a range of technology to help enhance your drive, you can expect an engaging experience every time you get behind the wheel thanks to...

  • When activated, X-Mode takes control of the engine, transmission, all-wheel-drive and brakes to provide the best traction and grip in difficult conditions. All you have to do is steer!
  • Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive) lets you select engine and transmission characteristics to accommodate your driving style. Sport Mode is suited for all-round conditions and winding roads thanks to its immediate acceleration. Intelligent Mode is ideal for cruising, covering long distances or achieving optimum fuel economy, plus it provides flexible control in wet or snowy conditions.
  • Whilst automatic shifting can make driving pleasurable; when climbing hills, overtaking or enjoying the winding roads, being hands-on may be more enjoyable or in some conditions, vital! For this reason, you can opt to use paddle shifters on the steering wheel to enjoy sequential gear shifting at the flick of a paddle. You can then simply settle back into automatic mode with Subaru’s Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) whenever you want.


Subaru’s core technologies are what makes a Subaru…. a Subaru! Their vehicles provide a unique driving experience, combing enjoyment and piece of mind thanks to these core systems...

  • The unique Boxer engine underpins safety, capability and reliability. The horizontally opposed engine places pistons 180* apart to achieve a lower, flatter profile than a conventional inline 4-cylinder engine. This gives the car a lower center of gravity which gives the vehicle improved handling.
    In addition, the opposing piston movement naturally counter each other, resulting in reduced engine vibration and a smoother ride.
  • Mixing their core Boxer DNA with hybrid technology, Subaru has managed to deliver the best of both worlds. By working together, the engine and motor automatically adjust the hybrid power to achieve the most efficient driving mode, depending on speed and conditions.
    Utilizing both power sources, Subaru hybrids reduce CO2, NOx and particulate emissions, and make driving more efficient.
  • All wheel drive is the safest way to drive on any road, especially if the weather is bad or the road surface is slippery. Due to direct power transfer and an instant response, everyday driving situations such as pulling out of a junction, can be met with more confidence.
  • Subaru’s Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission, or CVT for short, ensures smooth and responsive power delivery that is lag-free. This is possible by automatically moving between a span of gear ratios to keep the engine at its optimal rev range for the conditions as well as your driving style.
  • The Subaru Global Platform (SGP) is the underlying platform of the next generation of Subaru vehicles, offering an experience only found in the Subaru range. With an improved safety performance (Increasing the body strength by 40%), the frame can safely absorb and dissipate more energy in the event of a collision. Another benefit can be seen in the improved stability and handling of Subaru Vehicles due to increased body rigidity.


Subaru’s Infotainment System allows you to access your car’s audio system, make calls and set navigation with ease.

Comfort & Convenience

  • Comfort Keyless entry 1 1024x682
    Keyless Entry & Push Button Start

    Unlock the front doors or the boot by gripping the handle with Keyless Entry and then start the engine with the simple push of a button.

  • Comfort Air con 1 1024x682
    Cabin Comfort

    The cabin is a place of comfort, and so Dual-Zone Automatic Air Conditioning, Heated Front and Rear Seats, and an 8-way Power Adjustable Driver Seat.

  • Comfort Tyre repair kit 1 1024x682
    Tyre Repair Kit

    All Subaru vehicles come supplied with a Tyre Repair Kit. In the event of a puncture or flat tyre, the repair kit is on board to help you carry out a temporary repair.

  • Comfort Powe tailgate 1 1024x682
    Powered Tailgate

    A powered tailgate makes it easier to load and unload and gives instant access to the boot space with a simple push of a button (available on selected models)

The Subaru Range

There's something for everyone when it comes to Subaru. Whether it's a compact crossover, a family SUV, a sports tourer or an affordable sports coupe!

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