When looking to purchase a car there are always various options to consider and one of the first is generally whether you'll be buying a new or used car. But another option you may be offered by your dealer is a 'pre-registered' vehicle. Not got a clue what this means? Then let us explain.


Pre-registered cars can get you a significant discount if you don’t mind being classed as the second owner, instead of ordering a new model from the factory.

A pre-registered car is one which has never been owned or driven by a member of the public but has been registered to either a dealer, broker or leasing company.

From the day a car is registered it becomes a used car, even if it has never moved from the moment it landed at the dealership. Cars are delivered on the back of a transporter and are unlikely to leave the forecourt until they are sold.

More often than not, the cars could be just a few weeks old and will have single figures on the odometer. We also refer to these as 'delivery mileage' cars.

A pre-registered car will look, feel and even smell like a brand new car!

To help you decide, below we have the pros and cons to purchasing a 'pre-registered' car.


  • Instant delivery available
  • Massive savings compared to the list price
  • Might be well equipped with some tasty options
  • Cars tend to be the most popular models, trim levels and engines
  • You'll still benefit from the balance of the manufacturer warranty & breakdown cover


  • The car is technically second-hand
  • You’re the second name on the logbook
  • There’s no opportunity to change the specification

So if you're looking to save thousands and didn't think you could afford a new car, a pre-registered one might be a good option to consider.


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