We're all aware of the day to day costs of running a vehicle in terms of fuel, insurance and tax - but have you ever thought about some of the other driving statistics? How about how many miles you'll drive in your lifetime or how many hours you'll spend singing along to the radio? Take a look at our top fun facts below and see which one surprises you the most!


Did you know..? We'll drive an average of 556,764 miles throughout our lives. That's more than 22 trips around the globe, or a visit to the moon and back with mileage to spare. Depending on the distance of your commute, this value could also be a lot higher!

Did you know..? During our lifetime we'll also spend an average of nearly £70,000 on fuel! That's roughly 12p per mile. Of course, those with electric cars (such as the Nissan Leaf) would see this value drop dramatically thanks to the current cost being around just 2p per mile (meaning a lifetime cost of around £11,200) - just think what you could do with the savings!

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Did you know..? It's hard to believe, but we'll spend an average of £9,404 on parking throughout our lives. That's the equivalent of 117 trips with the family to Chester zoo, or 1,880 visits to the car wash. You can, however, help reduce your parking costs by using a website or app like Parkopedia which will help source the cheapest (or free) parking spaces close to where you want to visit. Not only do we spend £1,000s of our hard-earned money on parking, when averaging out parking and speeding fines this comes to a total of £1,620!

Did you know..? That a 10 mile journey, travelling at 40mph will only get you there 5 minutes quicker than if you were travelling at 30mph? Speeding doesn't just land you a speeding fine if you're caught, it also increases your risk of an accident and at the very least, increases your fuel consumption.

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Did you know..? We'll mess up our parking manoeuvres 2,709 times throughout our lives! If the idea of performing a parallel park fills you with dread or if the nerves kick in at the supermarket when you're trying to squeeze into the only spot available, then you're not alone. So next time you see someone struggling to park, even if you're a confident cookie, remember that it could be you, so be kind and give them time and space to finish their manoeuvre.

Did you know..? On average the game of "I spy" will be played 1,470 times throughout your life! We've all been there. You're stuck in a tailback on the M62 and haven't moved in over 30 minutes. The kids are starting to get irritable, so you suggest a game of "I spy". If we say that the average game lasts 10 minutes, then that's 245 hours of simple, unadulterated entertainment!


Did you know..? We'll have on average 1,935 arguments with our significant others! Whether it's something as small as leaving the toilet seat up or not putting the milk back in the fridge we all have our arguments, however having one in the car is a serious distraction and could mean your concentration on the road ahead is hindered, increasing your risk of an accident. So maybe next time think about biting your lip until you've got home or at least agree to disagree.

Did you know..? On average we'll tell the kids off 3,018 times which is yet another distraction. Maybe suggest they play one of those 1,470 games of "I spy" between them, so you can keep your attention on the road ahead?!


Did you know..? We'll sing along to the radio 7,817 times throughout our lives. I'm sure many of us have, at one time or another, fancied ourselves as the lead singer of a band and we just can't resist turning the volume up when our favourite song comes on. We certainly get enough practice and if your favourite song happens to be "Sweet Child O' Mine" then that's nearly 650 hours of Axl Rose impersonations!

Did you know..? We'll experience an average of 2,709 incidents of road rage. According to the Telegraph, two thirds of British drivers have suffered a road rage attack, and statistics indicate that a high percentage of all accidents occur as a result of road rage. So next time someone pulls a manoeuvre which raises your blood pressure, take a deep breath and try to carry on as if nothing has happened.


Did you know..? On a much lighter note, we'll kiss our kids and partner goodbye an average of 7,740 times. If you're a lipstick wearer, then you would need to purchase an additional 19 sticks of lipstick to compensate for reapplying your colour after each kiss!

Did you know..? We'll accrue 2,012 visits to the drive-thru during our lifetime. Whether that's for a caffeine hit at Starbucks, or a cheeky cheeseburger at McDonalds; if your average total was £5 per visit then you'd end up spending a whopping £10,060! For that money, you could hire a personal chef to cook you a 3-course meal, 258 times!