Car repair

We rely on our cars heavily and if they happen to go wrong, as at times they do, we are often left in the lurch. Having a service plan and a well-maintained vehicle is extremely important and is something that every car owner should be considering.

We understand that people get busy with their work schedule and family commitments and the maintenance of your car can sometimes get forgotten. Too many miles between servicing or routine checks can easily happen and your vehicle can end up being neglected. This is often when the problems occur.

Knowing that the car is being looked after by a reputable dealer means there should never be a question over the quality of work carried out and the level of service that is provided. We rely on our vehicles, and we should also be able to rely on the dealer that does all of the work to our car.

While we always encourage our customers to carry out basic checks themselves, not every type of maintenance can be done by the car owner, so it's usually a better idea to have a licensed and reputable mechanic perform the work, especially while a vehicle is under warranty, to avoid any potential issues.

Cost is often a major concern for people, especially when prices increase as they quite often do and as they have in recent years with oil etc which is something which is out of our control. You'll be happy to know then that within our service plan you are protected and any price increases will not affect you. Our plans are also flexible and can be tailored to your individual requirements and transferred or cancelled should your circumstances change.

Benefits of joining the Colin Appleyard Service Club

  • It’s your money and you have the option to cancel or change the plan
  • Spread the cost via interest free installments
  • Collection and delivery service or the loan of a courtesy car whilst yours is with us
  • Protection in the case of any price increases whilst your plan is active
  • Choice of courtesy car*
  • FREE MOT’s for the duration of the plan
  • FREE oil and tyre checks
  • FREE puncture repairs
  • FREE car washing service*
  • FREE summer and winter checks
  • Updates and recalls on your vehicle
  • Manufacturer trained mechanics using genuine parts
  • Technicians on hand for your service and technical queries


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One of the main benefits of having a service plan is knowing that the right maintenance is always being performed on your car. Certain items need to be checked at certain intervals and if these checks are not carried out, there may be long term damage occurring. Also, having regular work done will help to anticipate larger problems in the future and get things resolved before they become worse. We may also be able to identify work which is covered under warranty if active cover is in place.

And of course your safety is of paramount importance to us so making sure your car is in the best possible condition through having regular servicing and maintenance carried out we believe should be at the top of everyone's agenda.


Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with the service you receive from Colin Appleyard, so that you would be happy to score us 10/10 for everything and recommend us to your friends and family.

We would welcome any feedback, please leave us a review.