So What Is An Ex Demo Car?

An 'ex-demo' or an 'ex-demonstrator' car is one that has been particularly used by dealership staff or on test drives by potential customers. As such these trips can add up to covering thousands of miles thus put on sale, and this explains how they then end up being offered at a reduced price.

Read below to find out the benefits and the key things to look out for when buying 'ex-demo' cars.

The Advantages Of Buying An Ex-demo Car

  • Often higher spec cars without breaking the bank! - Want extras without the price? Well, you'll be happy to know that some or many of the cars may have optional extras and upgrades you won't find in the standard version.
  • Consistent car maintenance - Most will have been regularly serviced, washed and valeted and all paperwork will be guaranteed and in order leaving it in excellent condition when purchased.
  • Best condition - An ex-demo car will have been kept in the best possible condition and should have no visual faults.
  • Big Discounts! - You could be getting a great deal on a nearly new car. Some ex-demonstrators will have less than 100 miles on the clock if they have been used as a display model in the showroom. As the car has been registered in the dealer’s name it is technically a ‘used’ car and so you are paying a used car price for a model that is almost brand new.
  • You'll get to keep the warranty - When you buy an ex-demonstrator car, the vehicles come with the balance of the manufacturer's warranty and a significant saving on a new car.

Things You Need To Look Out For When Buying An Ex-demo Car

Similarly with pre-reg cars, you won’t be the first legal owner of the car because it must’ve been registered to use as a demonstrator. Typically the dealership will put itself as the first legal owner before you sign on the dotted line.

  • Remember to check who the car is registered to - If it has been registered with a previous owner/owners make sure you get a V5C certificate.
  • Check the age of the car - An ex-demo car should have very little mileage on it as it's spent the majority of its time in the showroom on display. There may be some miles on the clock but these will probably be delivery miles. If the car does have a lot of mileage, make sure you ask why.

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