Results from the 1st round of the Dickies British Supersport Championship at Silverstone

“That was a wild race, with loads of passing which was great fun. The start of that second race, the pace was quite slow and the times weren’t what we were doing yesterday. I tried to get in front and speed the pace up but kept getting passed back! It was a good race but I think I took a little too much out of my tyre towards the end. All in all I’m really happy with the first weekend of the season to get a couple of podiums, the team feels great and the bike has been solid.”

Brad Jones

“That was a brilliant weekend! Yesterday was a bit crazy but the pace was a bit slower with the warmer temperatures today, so I settled in behind the lads. I started getting a lot of hassle and was pushed back to fourth place so I knew I needed to get back to the front. I got behind Alastair and towards the end we started dicing with him and leading for a bit. I knew it was going to come down to the last lap and who could do the craziest move – which today was luckily me. I slipstreamed Alastair on the back straight and knew I would have to be the last on the brakes. I’m really happy with the whole team, it’s been a great weekend.”

Jack Kennedy

Dickies British Supersport Championship Standings

  • Jack Kennedy (Integro Yamaha - Colin Appleyard Macadam Team) 50
  • Alastair Seeley (EHA Racing Yamaha) 40
  • Brad Jones (Integro Yamaha - Colin Appleyard Macadam Team) 32

It’s been the ideal start to the season this weekend and in perfect conditions. Jack has done what we expected of him, he rode maturely and although he was pushed to the limit he had the strategy worked out. I think Brad has really made a step up over the winter, he now has the ability to fight for the front for every race and having lead, this will have done a world of good for his confidence. Two wins and a total of four podiums, we’ll definitely take that as a season starter!”

Robin Appleyard