Scrappage Scheme 2017 - what is it & do you qualify?

You may have heard the term 'scrappage' used a lot recently and may be wondering what it's all about. Back in 2009 the government ran a Vehicle Scrappage Scheme where they joined forces with car makers to offer owners of older cars an incentive to purchase a brand new car. The idea was to reduce pollution caused by older cars and the 2017 scheme is really no different apart from this time it's the car manufacturers who are offering a financial incentive. 

Both Suzuki and Nissan have come up with their own take on Scrappage schemes, both designed to encourage drivers to move into a lower emission vehicle. 

So if you own a car registered before 31/12/2009 with Euro 1-4 emissions then you could get up to £2,000 for your old car. 

Do I need to own a Suzuki or Nissan to be eligible for the schemes?

The answer is NO!

The schemes are open to any make or model car as long as it is was registered before the 31st December 2009 and providing the new car is registered by the end of September 2017. The only other stipulation is that you must have been the registered owner of the vehicle for more than 90 days

What cars can I buy?

Suzuki - click here to see the Suzuki models available.

Nissan - click here to see our range of new Nissan cars.

What about the running costs of a new car?

New cars are designed to be more economical not only for the environment but also for your pocket. It's important that all cars are serviced on a regular basis and when new this is also a requirement to retain the manufacturer's warranty which will cover the vehicle during it's first 3 years. 

A selection of new Nissan's come with free servicing included. We are also able to offer a tailored service plan quote which allows you to spread the cost of future servicing over interest free monthly payments. There are also a host of other benefits you'll get from being a member of our service plan club - find out more here


How long will the schemes last?

The current schemes are both planned to run until the end of September 2017.

Can I trade in my motorcycle as part of the schemes?

Unfortunately there isn't the option to trade in a motorcycle under the current scrappage schemes offered by Suzuki and Nissan but we are always looking to purchase good quality used motorcycles and would be happy to discuss this further if you'd like to get in touch. 

Click here to see the great offers we have on our New and Used motorcycles.

What if I think my car is worth more than £2,000?

Just get in touch and we'll let you know how much it's worth. We will provide you with a free valuation on your current car and can then discuss the options available and help you decide which is best.

Suzuki Scrappage SchemeFill in a valuation form and we'll let you know!

Nissan Switch SchemeFill in a valuation form and we'll let you know!