Summer Driving Tips

Schools out, the sun is shining (well we can live in hope!), you’ve had your Summer Car Health check done and now you’re getting ready to hit the road! 

Car safety checks should include (at the very least) tyre tread and pressure, engine oil, coolant and screen wash levels, and it may sound obvious but remember to fuel up. Surprisingly, running out of fuel is still one of the most common causes of breakdown on the UK’s motorways. Make sure you always use the right type of fuel too, you wouldn't believe how many people get it wrong which can be a costly mistake.

Did you know if you are a member of our service plan you can get a FREE summer car health check. There are also a number of other benefits of having a service plan with us!

As well as checking your car is in tip top condition, there are some other important aspects to keep in mind when travelling this summer all of which will help you avoid stress, save you money and maximise the time you have to relax.

Take anti sickness remedies

Prevent car sickness for you and your passengers by making sure you carry travel sickness remedies with you. There is nothing worse than being sick or feeling nauseous when you’re driving and having poorly children in the back of the car could make your journey a lot harder. As well as over the counter anti sickness tablets there are other methods to help keep travel sickness at bay. Acupressure bracelets have a small plastic button on the inside which puts gentle pressure on acupuncture points. One final remedy would be to try ginger biscuits as ginger can act as a natural remedy to nausea.