Should I buy a new or used car?

Whether to buy new or used is one of the decisions you will need to make when it comes to buying a car.

Your budget will be an important factor but there are other issues to take into consideration. You will need to think about the long-term costs of ownership of the car, how you’re going to pay for your car and the sort of deals which are on offer.

It all sounds a little daunting which is why we've put together some useful advice to help you decide!

Buying a used car 

You don’t have to be a cheapskate ‒ or skint ‒ to see the advantages in buying a second-hand car, and when we say second-hand this doesn't just mean a run-down old banger. We always have a great selection of low mileage ex-management and nearly new cars which represent a great saving when compared to the RRP. 

If you want to buy a used car on finance, there has never been a better time with some attractive low rate options available. We have a fantastic selection of used cars of all makes & models all of which come with our built in Price Promise guarantee. You'll also benefit from free MOTs for life and the reassurance that they've been checked and prepared by a factory trained technician.

The risk factor

Cars are much better built and more resistant to corrosion than they were 15 years ago, and tighter regulation of the used-car and insurance industries has reduced the number of accident write-offs and stolen cars making their way back onto forecourts. .

There are still risks of course but by buying from a franchised dealer such as Colin Appleyard, you can rest assured that all of our used cars have been subject to a rigorous checking process and have had a full HPI check carried out for your peace of mind. 

Still unsure? Don't worry!

We employ a team of experienced representatives who can discuss all your requirements in a relaxed environment over a nice cup of coffee to make sure we find the car that's best suited to you and your needs. 

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