A #SuzukiSaturdays surprise

Mr and Mrs Greenwood of Keighley, are loyal Suzuki customers to Colin Appleyard, and we decided to surprise them as a thank you.

You're probably aware of Suzuki's collaboration with Ant and Dec over the last 9 months, and have no doubt seen the adverts featuring the new Suzuki Vitara. The latest series of adverts take us on a journey with Ant and Dec to surprise a variety of different people. A bride, who Ant and Dec kindly drive to the church for her wedding.. a brass band where they put their musical talents to the test, and finally they do a different type of driving with a couple on a golf course.

On the back of Suzuki's #SuzukiSaturdays surprise campaign, we decided to carry out our own surprise to one of our customers.

Mr and Mrs Greenwood have purchased several Suzuki cars from Colin Appleyard, but as well as that they have been through a difficult time recently. They were put forward as candidates by saleswoman Sarah, when she discovered that Mr Greenwood had recently encountered some health problems and Mrs Greenwood was involved in an unfortunate accident in her brand new Suzuki Swift.

The couple enjoy their outings out, so we decided to treat them to 'Afternoon Tea for Two' at Holdsworth House in Halifax. We sincerely hope they enjoy their trip out, and that we've been able to cheer them up a little.

Want to see their reaction? Watch the video below.