New Suzuki concepts reveal new B-segment version to sit above Swift and possible Jimny 4X4 successor for 2016

Suzuki has unveiled two brand new theories that it plans to pull the wraps off at this year's Geneva Motor Show. The iK2 and i-M4 notions, teased in these images that are darkened, are a preview of things to come and the very first hint at the way in which the company's future target of six new models in the next three years will be acheived.

Several have been quick to suppose that these latest models form the base for the following generation of the Swift supermini and potential all-new Jimny mini-4X4 choice. The curvy looking car in the image certainly implies a bigger than your typical Fiesta-sized model, affirming marketing boss Dale Wyatt's promise of a bigger, more practical Nissan Note-style mini-MPV that, in his words, "will reply all the reasons not to get a Swift".
The mini-MPV fits in with the firm's political orientation of having two new autos in each one of the A, B and C sections, one "psychological" (the Swift), and one "logical".

The second theory we call will drop into the prior class. The iM 4 is described as an "iconic miniature 4x4" which blends "new technologies and identifying styling".

Regardless of this, the iM4 looks to share the same tall and erect profile, but using a more modern turn compared to the 17-year old Jimny. A distinctive ascending kink behind the rear window gives a sporty look to it, with slats in the C-column plus a sloping rear window. If this really isn't a Jimny successor, our best speculations have it as a less practical, more fashionable miniature crossover to equal the likes of the Renault Captur.