Espargaro finished a total of 137 laps to finish 10th in the complete positions after placing a greatest-lap of 2'00.486 on Friday; an advancement of 1.73s since testing started on Wednesday.

Satoru Terada, Team Manager and Project Leader, said, "The most significant idea is the fact that we'd no major problems and no crashes, plus we finished a complete three-days of testing. Both of our riders have made great advancements, which has given us the assurance in the work we've done over the winter; and we're even-more inspired now."

"We're fairly content with their lap-times as they've enhanced a great number during the three-days, and we're clearer now on the places we've got to work on. The factory must discover the optimal solution now for our forthcoming evaluations so that we can get prepared for the very first race in Qatar."

Davide Brivio, Team Manager, remarked, "I am very pleased with this particular evaluation because we could attain some great developments as well as get some great replies and feedback. Firstly, our dependability has significantly enhanced, we've run for three- days plus two-days formerly with our evaluation riders -days with no difficulties. This implies the engineers at the factory in Japan have worked nicely during the wintertime, and they've made a great attempt."

We also made great progress on the electronic equipment-side too, and overall, the bundle appears to be at an excellent amount already, because we learned that we've got an excellent chassis as well as an excellent bike which Aleix and Maverick are pleased to ride."
"The other thing that we've got to mention is that our riders are clearly a quite-powerful component of the entire bundle and development: They work really challenging and they get together with the team crews very well, which I consider is extremely significant; so there are lots of positive components here. But I believe our engineers have obtained adequate information here to find a solution to them all, although a also understand our weak points. I'd say that we're having a promising beginning, although a still have plenty of work to do and there is a long way forward to reach them yet. It is been a tough winter for everybody and I would like to thank all of the men in Japan; everyone must continue going forward and we've got to carry on to provide our finest."

Espargaro said, "Overall I am very pleased with the very first evaluation and a must be proud of enhancing lots of the dependability of the engine. A had no difficulties in three days that's great as well as the feeling of the team is very amazing. It is essential for me that I feel individuals working collectively are my family; so I am quite happy about it!"
"I am also happy the motorcycle is enhancing and developing extremely fast: From the very first evaluation I believe our motorcycle isn't so far-off the factory Yamaha and Ducati, so we must be proud of that - although we still need to continue extremely difficult.
"I understand the Suzuki engineers and technicians will work extremely hard in the factory and I'll additionally train harder in my house to be completely-healthy. It will not be simple during the first portion of the season, as everything is still new, but I am extremely confident."
More than two seconds enhanced from the initial day, so we're extremely joyful. We worked so much with the chassis on a regular basis during the last three days and I consider that we are able to go two-to-three measures better now."

I am able to go so quickly into the corners and here is the enormous edge. If we're capable to get somewhat more engine power, and keep this edge of the chassis, I think that we are able to make even larger developments."

"Although I am fighting a bit on just how to handle the tyres - as it is so different to Moto2 - locating the very best lines is a somewhat hard-point for me right now. My team helped me a lot discovering the very best lines and this was handled by me and enhanced a lot during the evaluation.