You might know Husqvarna as off-road specialists, but they turned up at the EICMA motorcycle show with three new street models. But with a firm pedigree of both street and off-road biking, it's not surprising that they've chosen to return to the streets with three Swedish-inspired designs.

First out of the blocks is the 701 Supermoto, which Husqvarna say comes from "years of supermoto tradition combined with the finest craftsmanship and unparalleled single cylinder performance". At 145kg producing 67hp, this Husky enjoys a stable ride, with ride-by-wire throttle control. It's a particularly slim machine as motorcycles go, with a long seat that extends further forward than you might think possible. In all, it's got a clean, easy-going look that we think the Husky fan will love.

They say the 701 will be in showrooms by the autumn of 2015.
We touched on the 401 Vitpilen and Svartpilen models last month, and while the White Arrow and the Black Arrow remain concept machines, they are both works of astounding beauty.

The Husqvarna press release say this is a "small glimpse" at what future street chapters may look like, "inspired by the rebellious spirit of the golden age of the brand in the 60s and 70s, these concept machines are true Husqvarna – high quality motorcycles with a rich sense of heritage."

Combining modern technology with old-style looks, the Vitpilen uses high-quality hardware to bring an uncompromising riding experience to the road enthusiast.

On the other hand, the Svartpilen is reduced to its bare essentials, free of gimmicks, gadgets and over-the-top design. It's a pared down lightweight machine with a single cylinder four-stroke engine.
Husqvarna say these blood-brothers, although very different interpretations of the same basic design "bring back the honest and pioneering spirit of pure motorcycle riding from the good old days into our modern times". Just 46hp, but a six-speed transmission, these are lightweight machines that look great and a prepared to pack an unexpected punch.
We just hope that they come out of the concept stage and into production in one form or another, because these are both machines I would dearly love to own.