Bacon, bread and coffee: Britain's favourite smells revealed 
New cars top the list – but what's the worst? 

The smell of a brand new car tops the list of Britain's favourite smell, according to a new poll. 
Freshly-laid tarmac and baking bread also ride high on the list of things that mean heaven to people's nostrils, a leading UK car dealer can reveal. 

At the bottom of the list are bin lorries, dog mess and the smell at the bottom of kitchen bins as the pongs that Brits find the most offensive, says the Yorkshire-based company. 
"We're obviously delighted with the result," says Robin Appleyard Managing Director, "There's nothing quite like that aroma of new plastic, leather and – for the want of a better word – newness that you get when you first drive that car off the forecourt." 

In a poll of over 500 people, found that the top ten smells for the people of Britain were:

  1. New car
  2. Baking bread
  3. Freshly-laid tarmac
  4. Cut grass
  5. Bacon
  6. Furniture polish
  7. Filter coffee
  8. Spring rain shower
  9. Fresh sheets and linen
  10. Petrol

"And with petrol sneaking in at number ten, can you imagine the heaven of filling up a new car?"

Robin Appleyard says "I've worked in the motor sales industry for years, and they're smells of which I can never tire. It's the best job in the world, just for the aroma." 

  1. Bin lorries
  2. Body odour
  3. Dog poo
  4. Kitchen bin juice
  5. Bad breath

Robin says "There's nothing quite so awful as being trapped on a bus or train with somebody with debatable body odour. It's a pong that can hang around you for days if you're really unlucky."

Short of a fresh bacon roll and a cup of coffee, knows the best way to experience Britain's favourite aromas:

"You can experience the winning smell of new car by visiting our showrooms," says Robin, "And with amazingly inexpensive finance deals on our product range, you can take this smell home to inhale every morning."