You might not have heard of the Suzuki Celerio – yet - but it's a name that's been doing enormous business in Asia for the last year or so, and will soon be doing pretty much the same in the UK.

Why all the fuss over this modest-looking city car? The fact is, the Celerio comes with the lowest emissions of any petrol car on the market. That's 85g/km, knocking its direct competitor (the Skoda Citigo with its now pitiful 99g/km) into a cocked hat. That's no road tax for life on both the standard and automatic versions.

While those figures are impressive, Suzuki says there'll be a dual jet engine version to be released in the Summer of 2015, which will drive those emissions figures to an even more remarkable 84g/km.

Celerio is Suzuki's city car that's already a big seller across the world. Now it's coming to the UK in February in its European configuration, and it's certain to be popular over here, too.

It's slightly longer than the existing Suzuki Alto, and bigger and taller than the Skoda Citigo, giving it a best in class boot space of 254 litres. Those stellar emissions figures are made all the better with auto stop start, which cuts off the engine when waiting in traffic.
Suzuki certainly haven't cut any corners. The company says that the 2015 Celerio comes with six airbags as standard (driver, passenger, side and curtain), as well as air conditioning, alloy wheels, DAB Radio, CD Tuner, USB and Bluetooth connectivity. That's just the beginning – Suzuki promise more on specifications as the release date approaches.

Another new feature is the unique low speed ‘creep’ facility which allows the car to move in gear without the accelerator being applied, ideal in slow traffic and when parking.

Look out, too, for the Auto Gear Shift (AGS) which allows the gearshift and clutch to operate automatically, giving what's been called "the effortless driving of an automatic, but without any loss in fuel efficiency or increase in CO2 emissions."

There's been no news on the pricing front, but the motor press speculates it'll be around the £7,000 mark. We'll have the full model and pricing structure on our website as soon as we get them.