Some of next year’s Subarus will come fitted with their revolutionary new safety equipment in the shape of their take on adaptive cruise control, EyeSight. Fitted as standard on all Outback models that have the Lineartronic automatic transmission, EyeSight looks set to make motorway driving that much safer and easier. 

Using two colour cameras mounted in the rear view mirror, EyeSight is able to see 110 metres ahead with a 35º field of vision. The technology is designed to know the road better than the driver, so it can automatically slow the car down as needed. It will even put down more power when overtaking to ensure fast, safe manoeuvres. The colour cameras are important, as they allow the car to be able to tell when vehicles in front are braking, giving it the opportunity to slow down. 

EyeSight is far from a new technology, having been in development since 1998. Until now, however, it’s been an expensive option on Subarus sold in Japan, only finding its way into the US in 2012. 2015 will see it finally reach the EU as Subaru look to take on the industry’s current safety leaders, Volvo and Mercedes.

Even though Japanese drivers have had to pay for EyeSight, Subaru say that 80% of eligible customers have chosen the option, with half of those admitting that the technology has definitely helped to prevent an accident. To put it another way, Subaru are looking to halve the number of their cars that are involved in an accident, and they won’t be charging a penny for it. That’s a pretty good move from Subaru, and will hopefully have a knock-on effect throughout the industry. 

The 2015 Outback looks set to be a pretty tasty proposition for those that like a commanding, comfortable view of the road, even without EyeSight to sweeten the deal. Subaru have put the Outback down for an early 2015 release, so keep an eye on your nearest Colin Appleyard dealership and book a test drive, so you can experience EyeSight for yourself.