More great news for fans of Subaru with the announcement that BRZmedium2.jpgtheBRZ coupe is going to be even cheaper to drive off our forecourt. 
The introduction of a new entry-level model means that owning one of these award-winning cars becomes even better value. The SE weighs in at just £22,495 and comes with a 2.0 litre injection engine and a manual gear box that delivers 0-60 in a smooth 7.6 seconds. 
And if you think that sort of performance comes with a thirst for petrol, you'd be wrong – the BRZ 2.0i SE claims an impressive 36.2mpg combined, with an extra urban performance of 44.1mpg.
The spec is also pretty good, but Subaru are never a brand to skimp on their motors. The BRZ SE comes with keyless entry and a push-button ignition, dual-zone climate control, cruise control and sports seats. In the drive sector, you get limited slip differential and vehicle stability control. And yes, flappy-paddle gear shift as standard. 
What's so special about the BRZ? It's got the lowest centre of gravity of any car on the road, which makes it incredibly easy to handle. Subaru tell us that it's a car that has been "universally acclaimed by the world’s press since its launch as a sports car that anyone can truly enjoy," and we are not people to argue with this statement.
And there's more. If you want to step up to the top of the range SE Lux model, that's now over two grand cheaper, coming home at a brilliant £23,995. For that you get leather trims, and heated seats, which is nothing to be sniffed at with autumn rolling in.
So why by a Subaru BRZ? Simple – it's a classy sports coupe built by a maker whose prime focus in performance cars. They know what works and what doesn't and distils this knowledge into a superb range of motors. The latest price cuts also makes them more competitive in a tight market – the BRZ is now cheaper than its direct competitor, the Toyota GT86. "It's outstanding value for enthusiast drivers seeking a high level of performance, driver interaction and entertainment on the road," Subaru says.
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